Which shampoo is better?

Which shampoo is better?
The question of which shampoo is better, worries many women. If even shampoo is suitable for all parameters, sometimes you want to change it and choose a new one. But is it worth it? And if so, which shampoo should I choose? Our tips will help you figure out the parameters for choosing a new shampoo.

The most important thing in any шампуне – detergent. It is it determines which shampoo copes better with its main duty – to wash hair. Ammonium (Ammonium) is used in cheap shampoos or even in bath foam or body gels. As a rule, the use of shampoos with ammonium leads exclusively to hair loss.

Натуральных шампуней не существует в природе! Поэтому не стоит доверять упаковкам, на которых написано, что шампунь сделан исключительно из натурных продуктов. В любом случае, определенная доля химии в нем все же будет. Без нее в современном мире никуда.

It is believed that a thick shampoo is more useful than a liquid shampoo. This is just as misleading as it is to assume that a copious foam is better than its small amount. In fact, for the quality of shampoo is very different. However, shampoo, which is better foaming, washing, definitely, more convenient. It does not matter how much shampoo you poured on your head and how much foam was released. The effect will be the same.

The vitamins that are contained in shampoos, not yet mean, that this shampoo is very useful. Of course, the effect of vitamins on hair, especially provitamin A, is difficult to deny. However, vitamin shampoos are not a panacea for all ills. If you set out to strengthen hair with vitamins, use multivitamin complexes for oral administration.

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