Which nails are better: gel or acrylic?

Which nails are better: gel or acrylic?
The procedure for nail extensions has still not lost its relevance. Thanks to this, you can safely experiment with the manicure and the shape of the nails. It's time to get more acquainted with the materials for building up and figure out which one is better.

Acrylic nails

For today the most widespread materials for escalating of nails are acryle and gel. Composition for building up ногтей акрилом is made from a mixture of liquid acrylic powder. Such a mixture is toxic, has an unpleasant, pungent odor. Chemicals can cause skin irritation, make natural nails brittle and weak. Acrylic build-up will have to be abandoned in the following cases: if you are taking a course chemotherapy or take antibiotics (while the body begins to produce acetone, which rejects the material); suffer from diabetes, herpes or bowel disease; there are hormonal disorders. The chemical components that make up the acrylic mass can cause an allergic reaction, fainting and even choking.

Среди плюсов acrylic nails the following can be noted:

– Acrylic is a fairly strong material. Such nails will be worn for a long time, reliably;
– если вы случайно сломали акриловый ноготь, то сможете его отремонтировать даже самостоятельно;
– a fairly simple process of removing such nails, there are special solvents that will help in a few minutes to remove acrylic nails.

Минусы акрилового наращивания:

– your natural nails with acrylic build-up are subject to negative effects. Acrylic penetrates deep into the nail plate, which creates difficulties in correction and cutting;
– Acrylic nails look more rude and artificial, even if performed by an experienced craftsman (which can not be said about gel nails);
– after a long wearing of acrylic nails, the natural plate begins to deplete, therefore, after removing artificial marigolds, special care is required.

Gel nails

Pros of gel nails:

– gel nails look more glossy and natural than acrylic;
– процесс полимеризации происходит быстрее, чем у акрила, порой достаточно двух минут;
– components that enter the gel do not emit toxic substances and do not smell;
– In the process of building up, there is little need for filing.

The main component for building gel nails is the resin of coniferous trees, as well as other semi-synthetic and natural components. This composition is considered less harmful, it does not have a sharp odor and is not toxic.

Minuses of gel nails:

– они не настолько надежные и крепкие, чем акриловые, хотя и стоят немного дороже;
– gel nails are very difficult to do for yourself;
– it is impossible to repair self-damaged gel nail;
– gel nails can not be removed with special means (as in the case of acrylic), in this case one way out is cutting.

So what to choose?

Both acrylic and gel have similar results: they strengthen the nails and make them long, make the hands feminine and sexy. But nevertheless it is necessary to pay attention to the above described characteristics and make your choice. An experienced master will also help you decide on the choice, based on your wishes and requirements, the structure of natural nails. By the way, the varnish looks much better on gel nails.

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