Which hairstyle will suit a long dress

Which hairstyle will suit a long dress
The girl in the long dress looks feminine and elegant. However, under an outfit in the floor, the image can be very difficult to pick up. The main difficulties arise with the hairdo, because you need to take into account both the spectacular dress and the overall style of the ensemble.

Long dresses modern girls wear in everyday life, and on solemn occasions. Making up the image, many people think about hair for a long time. To avoid long fees, listen to the general recommendations of stylists.

A long dress and properly selected styling can dramatically change the image of the girl. If you are not tall, raise your hair. The hairstyle should begin from the very top and can gradually descend downwards strictly on a vertical. For example, a braid with a voluminous top or a cascade of curls will do. If you decide to "extend" it, the styling can negatively affect the appearance, visually making you thicker.

Girls of high stature, even with a long dress can wear loose hair. However, it is better to collect them a little, for example, podkolov several strands from behind. If you want the image to turn out to be more festive, make a low beam or a hairstyle in the Greek style.

When choosing a hairstyle for a long dress, the best landmarks are celebrities. They face this problem very often, because at many events there is a certain dress code. Picking up the styling to a long evening gown, take a look at the successful star ensembles.

For a tall lady, Angelina Jolie will serve as an excellent guide. Most often with a long dress, the actress wears her hair loose. However, they do not hang out just like that, but carefully packed. For example, they are brushed over and thrown back. Or they are twisted with large curls and divided into an asymmetric parting. However, hairstyle Jolie: a strong fleece, a few podzavityh strands along the face and podkolotye rear other hair. Some of them the actress has on one shoulder.

Another example is Gwyneth Paltrow. The famous girl has a very refined taste and is famous for her dislike for radical experiments. To a long dress, the actress selects very simple hairstyles. For example, ideally straight flowing hair, separated by a smooth parting. Another option: slightly pushed ends. Mandatory moment: the hair should fall down from behind, on the back, and from the front.

If your height is not very high, take a closer look at what hairstyles you choose for Jessica Alba's long outfits. Most often the girl can be seen with high-set hair. This is either a high hair and neatly podkolotye hair, or a stylish bundle with an asymmetrically located bangs. Such hairstyles will suit both the evening and the everyday image.

A small growth and different is the actress Eva Longoria. To look taller, the girl wears stunning heels with long dresses, and also makes competent hairstyles. In addition to the high beams, the actress very much likes the ordinary ponytail. To make it look smart, in front of the hair must be carefully combed, and gum hide, wrapped in a small strand. Such a hairstyle with a long dress will look admirable and ideally straight, and with slightly curled hair.

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