Which foundation is better for a fat type of facial skin

Which foundation is better for a fat type of facial skin
Успех макияжа заключается в грамотно подобранной тональной основе. Безупречно ровный тон – это правило, о котором нельзя забывать. При этом обладательницам проблемной и жирной кожи лица стоит вдвойне ответственно подойти к подбору тонального крема.
Подбирая матирующее средство, следует уделить внимание двум основным критериям. Тональная основа под макияж должна не только эстетично выглядеть, матировать и освежать лицо, но и быть безопасной для здоровья.

Problem skin, as a rule, needs not only proper care, but also in the disguise of acne, dilated pores, redness, scars remaining from acne. The task of the tonal basis is to achieve a velvety matte effect without sebaceous shine. Manufacturers of cosmetics produce special lines for problem skin. Pick up a quality foundation can be in a different price range, it can be both democratic and expensive cosmetic brands. The difference in price is due to the fact that well-known brand companies spend a lot of money for laboratory tests of cosmetics produced.

The usual tonal basis only aggravates the problems of unhealthy skin. Therefore, in addition to the use of a special cream, you must not forget about the proper care for oily skin of the face.

Choosing an effective tonal remedy, you need to remember that he will need to disguise all the inflamed patches on the face, pimples, pigment spots. That's why you need to choose a tonal basis of high density. Here the mousse without the maintenance of oils, skim cream or a cream-powder will be good. The density of the masking means can be adjusted independently. If a lighter base is required, then it is sufficient to mix the tonal base with any moisturizer that is commonly used for skin care.

Owners of problematic skin should replace the compact powder with special wipes, which remove greasy shine from the face.

The next important point, which should be noted when choosing a foundation for oily skin, is its resistance. A quality foundation should preserve the freshness of the face for 8 hours. However, today it is possible to purchase means that can hold well and within 16 hours. The tonal base should be applied with a thin layer. We need to ensure that it does not contrast with the complexion and has the same shade as the powder. Creams on a silicone base will be needed for women with enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. This tonal tool will quickly smooth out wrinkles, make the skin smooth and will be an excellent base for decorative make-up.

Для кожи с избыточным жирным блеском хорошим вариантом будет крем с микрогубкой, она абсорбирует кожное сало. Тональный крем для такого лица должен матировать его не пересушивая. Современные тональные средства отлично справляются с этой задачей. Входящая в их состав пудра обеспечивает коже ухоженный бархатистый облик.

Choosing a tonal basis for the problem skin, it is worth paying attention to the cream emulsion. This agent, when it comes into contact with the skin, becomes silky powder. In this case, the person does not need additional matting.

При выборе цвета тональной основы нужно учесть, что покраснения хорошо скрывают желтоватые оттенки, а если кожа розового оттенка, то стоит обратить внимание на бежевую гамму косметического средства.

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