Which figure is ideal in 2018 year

Which figure is ideal in 2018 year
For a long time, scientists and people of creative professions tried to find the ideal of a female figure. And at different times came to different conclusions. But over the course of time, a certain characteristic was revealed, seen from the ideals of all times. Currently, scientists have defined a formula that allows you to find out which figure is considered an ideal.

How to come up with ideals

First of all, it is worth paying attention to works of art. Artists, sculptors and photographers at all times tried to capture the ideal female body. But if you look at creations in different epochs, you will see that the parameters for the models are completely different. In recent times, beauty lies in the slenderness of the body, and earlier the artists painted countless portraits from models that have rather magnificent shapes. It would seem that completely opposite parameters. But there are general characteristics that allow us to determine the degree of ideality.

The key to the ideal

Weight and physique can be one of the indicators of ideality, but the main phenomenon is that a woman will have an ideal figure when it is proportional. Symmetry has always been a sign of ideality. That is why now the most attractive women are the owners of a body resembling an hourglass. In such women, the volume of the chest and thighs is about the same, the waist should be noticeably narrower than the hips and breasts. Symmetry of the body is associated with health. Accordingly, men consider these women ideal for procreation. But there is no ideal physique in the world. Nature is conceived, that each person had asymmetry, thereby differing from others and having an individuality.

Ideal parameters of the female body, according to men

For men, the ideal female body is a figure that seems to opinion of men, optimal for the continuation of the genus. Broad hips speak of the possibility of easily giving birth to an heir. Perfect female breast should be 2-3 size. The legs should not be short, because the shortness is associated in men with childhood.

Definition of an ideal body

Leonardo da Vinci for a long time studied the proportions. In the course of his scientific work, he concluded that the ideal waist should be no more than 70% of the hips. The length of the woman's legs is considered ideal when it exceeds 50% of the whole growth. According to statistics, women who have growth above 176 cm are considered very high, 168-175 cm – high, 157-167 cm – medium height, 151-156 cm – below average growth, and below 155 cm – low.

The Quetelet index will determine the correspondence between weight and height. A lack of excess fat at the waist can be determined in a simple way. Above the navel you need to pull the fold of the fat layer, if its thickness is less than 2 cm, then the waist does not have excess fat.

Ideal whether the proportions of the body can be determined using a formula created by scientists. To determine the coefficient, you need to measure the volume of the hips under the gluteal fold, then divide this volume by the sum of the shin, shoulder and neck volumes. The ideal result should be within 0,54-0,62.

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