Which cream protects against sunburn in 2018 year

Which cream protects against sunburn in 2018 year
Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to human health. Their abundance can lead to skin burns. For this reason, such a caring agent as sunscreen was created, and his choice should be approached very ostorozhno. The cosmetic market is filled with a variety of skin care products. In this diversity it is very important to find cream from tanning, maximally protecting your skin, focusing on certain factors.

SPF factor by skin type

On the packaging of the cream from the tanning is always indicated the protection factor SFP. This sign indicates the degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation. The higher the indicated number, the stronger the cream protects the skin. In addition, according to this value, you can determine what the maximum amount of time spent in the sun is safe for humans. For example, if a person is on the beach usually no more than 20 minutes, then the cream with SFP15 increases this time by 15 times. Thus, the product allows you to sunbathe and feel safe for much longer.

For a more correct choice of sunscreen, you need to know your skin phototype

The first phototype is called Scandinavian or Celtic. This type of skin is found in blue-eyed people with blond hair and red with light skin. Such skin is very susceptible to sunlight, and a few minutes after sunburn, spots appear on it. In addition, there is a risk of burning. Even for a walk around the year on a sunny day, such people need to use sunscreen with the degree of protection of SFP 30.

German or European – here what is the name of second skin phototype. These people have a light brown or chestnut hue of hair. They often have fair skin, on which freckles sometimes form. Eye color can be brown, green or gray. The safe time of tanning in the sun, for the German skin phototype, is fifteen minutes. The first week of sunburn should pass with a sunscreen SFP 30 or 20. Then you can use a cream with SFP10 or 8.

The third skin phototype is mixed. People with dark hair, and, more precisely, with a dark-chestnut and dark-brown hue, refer to this phototype. The risk of sunburn is very rare here. The tan lies on the skin evenly. Safe time for tanning – half an hour. In the first week it is desirable to use a sunblock with SFP20, and then SFP can be reduced to 6-8.

The fourth type is the Mediterranean type of skin. It includes brunettes with brown eyes and dark skin. A person with a Mediterranean skin type can stay in the sun for about 40 minutes. SPF sunscreen cream for brunettes should be from 10 to 6.

Children do not have a specific type of skin, so they need to use special children's sunscreen. Typically, the SFP of this cream is 30.

Additional substances

The composition of sunscreen plays a big role. In addition to SFP, it is important to pay attention to other components. It is very good if the composition contains green tea, aloe, edelweiss extract and other natural substances. Taking care of the skin, natural components reflect ultraviolet radiation.

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