Which cream is best applied to the neck

Which cream is best applied to the neck
Many young girls forget that caring for the skin is not limited only to the face. If you do not choose the skin care for your neck in time, after 30-years this zone will eloquently hint at age. Cream for the neck is a real problem. It is difficult for women to orient themselves, where to refer this area – to the face or to the body.

Advice for young girls

It is worth remembering once and for all that the neck, like the decollete zone, refers conditionally to the face. Creams for the body will not give the desired effect, so that in this delicate area, premature wrinkles can form.

Vulnerability of the neck is that it practically does not have fat glands. At the same time, it is often exposed to external influences – the skin "crumples" during sleep, and also suffers from incorrect posture. Therefore, a thorough care of the neck skin is necessary.

Young girls do not know what kind of cream to smear your neck. You can have the same product as for the face. But this rule does not work for owners of oily skin. Matting means drain the tender skin of the neck, depriving it of nutrients. Therefore, a special moisturizing cream is needed.

Advice to mature women

Women after 30-ti and girls with oily skin should buy a separate cream for the neck. Optimum choice will be an effective and inexpensive means of "Premier Gratiae".

This cream protects the thin epidermis of the neck and decollete from ultraviolet, stimulates the production of collagen and increases the barrier function of the skin. And avocado oil and extracts of aloe, calendula and sage have a calming effect.

The cream "Janssen" revitalizes the dry mature skin of the neck and decollete, giving these areas velvety softness and firmness. And for well-off women, you can use the means of "Design Lift" from Payot or "Benefiance Concentrated Neck Contour Treatment" from Shiseido.

Such products create a visible lifting effect, forming the finest lace on the skin. Using these creams twice a day you can forget about the wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin of the neck and decollete.

Councils beyond age

On the neck you need to apply either a nourishing face cream, or a special pull-up. Also, the youth of this zone can be preserved with the help of folk remedies.

First, it is necessary to prevent neck and decollete with linseed oil for prevention. The product should be applied overnight, covering these areas with a soft cloth. This mask will slow down the neck aging process for a long time.

Secondly, it is useful to use home-made creams. They are prepared on the basis of lanolin, beeswax and cocoa butter. Then diluted with liquid oils and rose water.

First, a solid foundation melts, then vegetable oils are quickly poured into it. In the end, pink water or a decoction of herbs is added. Mix the mass with a mixer until completely cooled.

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