Which bangs fit for a triangular shape. Hairstyles and haircuts

Which bangs fit for a triangular shape. Hairstyles and haircuts
При выборе прически для различных форм лица нужен разный подход. Стрижка всегда выбирается индивидуально. Например, для лица треугольной формы рекомендованы объемные прически и нежелательны те, которые полностью открывают лицо.
Лицо треугольной формы – это широкий лоб вместе с суженным подбородком. Как правило, у женщин и девушек с треугольной формой лица нет ограничений в выборе длины волос. Но главная задача выбора прически для такой формы лица – визуально добавить немного объема подбородку и скрыть широкий лоб. Так лицо станет более пропорциональным, скроются острые линии. Прикрыть проблемные зоны можно правильно подобранной прической и стрижкой.

Those women who prefer short haircuts and haircuts "under the boy, you need to be more careful with the choice. After all, having fully opened your face, you can attract views to a narrow chin, which is not necessary. So, choosing a short haircut for the face of a triangular type, you need to leave a pair of profiled strands in the cheek area. You can supplement the image with an asymmetrical bang. It can be made both elongated, and falling on its side.

Choosing a hairstyle for a triangular face, you should avoid in the area of ??the crown of splendor. This option can stretch the face and accent unnecessary attention on the narrow chin.

As for the hair cuts of medium length, the classic variants for the triangular shape of the face are the square and the bean. They can be with profiled locks on the face or graduated. However, the shortest part of the hair must reach the chin or neck. With such a simple trick, you can visually enlarge your narrowed chin. A bang can be chosen straight, oblique or elongated. With its help you can hide a wide forehead.

Если волосы достают до плеч, то желательно делать завивку мягких локонов (начинаться они должны от уровня подбородка). А если волосы достают только до середины шеи, то подойдет укладка от лица.

Girls with long hair and triangular face are recommended multilayered haircuts with voluminous and lush ends. It will also look good if the strands fall in a smooth cascade. Supplement this haircut can be using a torn, oblique or elongated bangs, which will smoothly move to the main part of the hair. Choosing hair for a triangular shape of the face, you should avoid the "pony tail". Also, not the most successful option will be long straight hair. But the upper strands, pinned to the sides, will look spectacular. Those girls and women who like to collect hair in high hairstyles, you need to leave a few strands at the face, and also do not forget to lay bangs. But at the same time it should look natural, and not look like a "curtain".

When choosing a hairstyle for a triangular type of face, there are some limitations that must be avoided. For example, it is undesirable to choose too short hairstyles, because they lengthen the face and emphasize the narrow chin. Also, do not open your ears completely, removing all the hair back. They should be covered with at least a few locks. In addition, it is undesirable to do too smooth hairstyles – you need to maintain the natural volume of hair; it is undesirable to do too "correct" hairstyles – for the face of a triangular type asymmetry is welcomed.

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