When you need plastic lips

When you need plastic lips
In the twentieth century, women's lips acquired a special status. If during the Middle Ages and Napoleon's era there was a small, tidy mouth, then around 30-ies of the 20 century the boom of puffy lips began. Today, thousands of girls, unhappy with the natural form, seek to increase the mouth with the help of plastic surgery. But the indications for plastic lips can be not only cosmetic. Sometimes, looking through photos of celebrities, the question arises, why do plastic lips. It is not always necessary to pump silicone into your mouth to look attractive. But nevertheless, there are situations when plastic can save from complexes and depression.

What is considered a standard

Every woman decides for herself whether she should make plastic lips or not. Basically, if there are no specific defects, the girls rely on their own ideas about beauty. In order not to become a victim of the general fashion, it is worth sticking to the gold standard, invented in the XV century.

The great Leonardo da Vinci derived the formula of ideal lips. So, according to the maestro, the upper lip should be one third of the volume from the bottom. At the same corners of the lips are slightly raised, as if in a mysterious half-smile. Also, a clear contour of the upper lip resembling the curved "Cupid's bow" is important. If the mouth meets these criteria, regardless of size, they do not need surgical intervention.

When plastic is really needed

The main indications for lip plasty are congenital defects, as well as age-related and acquired changes due to trauma.

For example, it is obvious, why do the plasticity of the lips in the hare lip. This is a rather unpleasant innate feature, in which the mouth is cut across. Hide defect will help only heyroplasty.

In addition, the mouth is often deformed under the influence of time. With age, the contour "floats", wrinkles appear around the mouth, the corners of the lips drop, and their elasticity decreases significantly. At the same time, the mouth seems to sink, the skin is ugly with the jaw and this adds extra 10-15 years. With a mild degree of aging, contour plasty can be dispensed with, which is an injection correction method.

Reflecting on the situations in which lip plasty is needed, one should not overlook the important cause of trauma. Sometimes as a result of an accident, a woman's face is so disfigured that without surgery just can not do. In this case, it is better to lie under the surgeon's knife and regain its attractiveness, than complex life in relation to appearance.

Taboo for surgery

Having understood, in what situations plastic of lips is necessary, it is necessary to take an interest when it is contraindicated. Prohibition for surgery or injections are chronic viral infections, diabetes, oncology, pregnancy and lactation.

It is also recommended to postpone with plastic lips during monthly, with flu and cold and in the postoperative period.

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