When to start using anti-aging cream

When to start using anti-aging cream
Even in the youngest years, you need to monitor your face. The skin ages and changes its configuration, so bringing it to life is vital. The lack of vitamins, stress and aging speed up the wilting process. After 25-27 years, the recovery of the skin is slow, and the cells retain moisture much worse. Most women do not care about this issue. Anti-aging cream does not solve the whole problem, however, it will be able to moisten it.

Since the age of 22 years, it's time to think about skin care. It is required to monitor the body both from the inside and outside. All kinds of situations disturb the skin, which leads to weakness in the muscles. Anti-aging cream does not help to solve the whole problem, but it will slightly correct and moisturize it. The body needs care and vitamins C, E, F.

Do anti-aging drugs need up to 25 years

Coming to 30, deeper wrinkles start to appear, especially it is appreciable with a skin around of eyes. To 35 comes the dermapause, when the production of collagen stops. Anti-aging creams contribute to the transformation of sirtuins. They, in turn, regenerate DNA. If their activation is incorrect, it can lead to cell death.

When it's time

Use anti-aging remedies need already from 25 years to prepare the skin in advance. Such factors as smoking, lack of sleep, love of sunburn leads to premature aging. If the skin is without visible wrinkles, then it is sufficient to apply moisturizing cream. Anti-aging remedies are for those who are over 30 and who are more than 40. Each of the periods needs to maintain health or rejuvenate.

Choice of cream

Pay attention to:

• age; pronounced aging after 30, it is worth choosing a tool strictly by year;

• type of skin; for dry food is necessary, for a greasy vice versa;

• time of use; are divided into night and daytime, which are used for their intended purpose;

• SPF; the formation of wrinkles is due to the influence of ultraviolet rays;

• view; a complex of anti-aging products with mandatory marking of anti-age;

How to use creams correctly

Earlier use of them leads to the fact that the skin is slowly prepared for aging and wilting. The person will eventually tell you when you need to apply a toning serum. During their stay, mimic wrinkles become deeper, so it's worth thinking about creams with a sunscreen.

In 35 years the skin becomes less elastic, which gives impetus to the use of creams. After 45 a lot of moisture comes out, so you need to fill it. With the help of age corrector, it is possible to sketch wrinkles in the morning.


Acquiring anti-aging drugs, you need to understand their composition. The most important ingredient should be kinetin, which levels the skin tone and reduces the number of wrinkles. Coenzyme Q10 helps in nutrition and saturation with microelements. Oxygenates take part in the peeling, exfoliating the top layer of the skin. Copper peptides stimulate the production of collagen. Retinol contains vitamin A, which contributes to the production of micronutrients to the skin. Extracts and oils of green tea, red grapes are used for rejuvenation. These extracts of plants tighten and tone the skin.

The rules for choosing a cream

1. Cosmetics should contain SPF from 15 to 30. It also helps protect against ultraviolet radiation and the appearance of the first wrinkles.

2. For mature skin requires moisturizing, so you need to consider its type.

3. Try to buy only proven brands, so as not to harm the skin.

4. Carefully study the composition.

If it is fashionable does not mean that you need to buy. Always it is necessary to start from features of a skin. Advertising does not always give out wishful thinking. The main thing is to choose a cream or cosmetic, suitable for you in all respects. Do not forget about day and night cream. The first one protects the skin, and the second one struggles with its problems. Do not forget about the mask to keep the skin toned.

You can use scrubs, but not more often 2 once a week. And if there is no money to buy it, the ideal brewed coffee is ideal. After drinking the drink, leave the ingredient to dry, and later use it as a scrub. The skin becomes soft and pleasant to the touch. Coffee can be added to the skin for washing or in your own scrub. To give the skin a healthy appearance, add a little aloe juice, which will saturate it with vitamins. It is important to wash with contrasting water so that the skin does not lose its elasticity and gives off freshness with a slight blush.

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