What you need to know about calluses

What you need to know about calluses
Women tend to look impressive and sometimes completely forget about their comfort. So, for example, in the summer our legs suffer the most. After all, we wear open shoes, do not wear pantyhose or socks. Meanwhile, from the rubbing, calluses, which cause pain, discomfort and cause difficulties when walking, arise.

Why do corns arise?

Human skin has a protective reaction to any damage. On the place where the most friction occurs, corn appears. The skin thickens and coarsens, especially the fingers and heels are vulnerable.

Types corns

  • Dry corn Is a dead skin area. It arises because of pressure and friction on the skin. These calluses cause severe pain, and it is very difficult to remove them.
  • The wet callus looks like a bubble with a liquid. It causes severe pain.
  • Corn with blood refers to wet calluses and appears because the vessels located close to the skin have been severely damaged.
  • Corn on the sole appears because of the frequent pressure of body weight.

What actions to take if you have corns?

  • Be sure to treat the wound with an antiseptic.
  • Wet corn is not worth sticking with plaster, because it will not dry out.
  • Dry callus can hardly be treated. Many people try to cut off such a callus, but this should not be done, because an infection can be brought into the wound.

Treatment of dry corns

  1. Cream and ointment

In the composition of ointments and creams there is salicylic and benzoic acid. They soften the skin, only the only drawback, they can not be applied to healthy skin. Give preference to natural creams with vegetable oils, they help prevent the appearance of new calluses.

2. Removal of callosities in the cabin

There is a technique by which corn as it were drilled from within. It is absolutely painless. With the help of a special boron, damaged areas of the skin are treated. If the callus is old it is removed with the help of a laser. It acts on the upper layers of the skin, burning the corn to the end.

To prevent the appearance of corns, you must follow certain rules.

  • Try to walk as often as possible barefoot.
  • Choose the right shoes to match your size. Do not sweat your feet, as this provokes corns.
  • Have always a special bandage.


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