What you need to eat to make your teeth white

What you need to eat to make your teeth white
The appearance of teeth is influenced by many factors, including foods and beverages used for food. Some of them, for example, red wine, coffee or tea, can make the tooth enamel darker. However, many others have properties that allow not only to strengthen teeth, but also to improve their appearance.

Для придания зубам белизны стоматологи советуют употреблять в пищу сырые овощи или твердые фрукты, способные очищать их поверхность. Они действуют на enamel of teeth like a brush, having an abrasive effect. Most of these products cause increased salivation, which contributes to a better cleaning of the tooth surface. These include radish (radish), apples, pears, white cabbage, celery. The latter of them, apart from cleansing, has a curative effect, as it contains unique essential oils that possess bactericidal action. Daily eating of celery helps to improve the oral cavity, helps fight the bleeding of the gums and speeds up the healing of cracks and wounds on the gums. Those who suffer from diseases of the stomach and intestines, should use celery with caution.

Whiten your teeth and help products containing natural fruit acids, a weak solution which is able to remove dark enamel from the tooth enamel. So, it is useful to eat lemon: its slice can be chewed after eating (in the same way you can use pineapple). Anyone who does not tolerate such acidic foods can simply rub their teeth with the skin of this fruit. But most, perhaps, a popular edible product for teeth whitening – berries. The most effective for this purpose are raspberries and strawberries: when they are used, the teeth are cleaned not only due to fruit acids, but also with the help of small bones acting like tooth powder. These berries can simply be eaten, chewed carefully and for some time holding in the mouth, and you can apply to the teeth, pre-stretching, – that's what it is rumored to do Catherine Zeta-Jones, whose snow-white a smile remains for many an unattainable ideal. Berry gruel should be held on one's teeth up to five minutes, then this delicious medicine can be swallowed. Apply this method should not be more than twice a week.

Weak bleaching effect and have liquid fermented milk products: kefir, whey, curdled milk. With their regular use in food, there is every chance to make tooth enamel lighter. Drink them better at night, and after 10-15 minutes after that, the mouth should be rinsed with clean water.

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