What you need to build acrylic nails at home

What you need to build acrylic nails at home
Acrylic nail extensions are an extremely popular procedure that allows you to quickly give your hands a well-groomed look. You can grow nails in the cabin, using the services of an experienced master, but you can also master the technique at home.

In order to independently build acrylic nails, you need to purchase special tools and materials. First of all, it is necessary to decide which of the technologies is preferable for you: build-up on special forms or invoices nails (tips), Depending on this, you need to buy either one or the other.

To use the forms on which acrylic hardens, it is necessary that the nails at least slightly outgrowth, since the shape is placed under the edge of the nail plate. If you prefer tipsy, you will also have to buy special tongs to shorten their tips (tip cutter) and glue with a brush, with which they are attached to the nail.

It is also necessary to purchase a coarse-grained nail file for filing the nail surface before applying tips or forms. If there is a possibility, it is better two, in different sizes: it's a little more convenient to cut the nail at the cuticle. You also need a soft brush to brush off the dust after this process. It will take a primer – a special substance that improves the adhesion of acrylic with the nail. It is applied to the nail after it is filed.

To form the surface of the acrylic nail two components are needed: acrylic powder (powder) and liquid monomer (liquid), and also a brush, which alternately is dipped first into the liquid, then into the powder. Acrylic powder is available in different colors: for example, for a French manicure you should buy pink and white. In order for the brush to last longer, it makes sense to buy a special liquid to clean it.

После нанесения желаемого количества слоев акрила ногти подпиливают, а затем шлифуют до состояния глянца, стирая все видимые царапины от крупнозернистых пилок. Для этого понадобится мягкая пилочка. После того, как ногти отшлифованы, следует легкими движениями втереть в область кутикулы лечебное масло. Когда оно впитается, можно наносить лак.

Experts recommend to purchase everything necessary for acrylic nail extensions in one set: first, it is more convenient and more profitable, and secondly, there is no danger that materials from разных производителей will "conflict" with each other. There are many variants of sets: for example, they can include several dozen different forms (one or multiple) and tips, several types acrylic powder various shades, forceps, saws, sticks to move the cuticle and healing oil for it and so on. Depending on the chosen method of building and design of nails, everyone can choose the right kit, eliminating the need to select all the components separately.

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