What you need for curling eyelashes

What you need for curling eyelashes
Straight eyelashes look less attractive than curled – the look becomes languid, expressive, flapping eyelashes become flirtatious and inviting. Eyelash extensions can be made in several ways – using forceps and using chemical methods.

Если вы не хотите подвергать your eyelashes the action of chemicals, and to have beautifully curved eyelashes you just need, then use curling irons. Metal tweezers are a tool of two staples, which is powered by simple compression of opposite ends. Special rubber tabs between the staples provide a cautious attitude to the eyelashes – if the rubber bands are damaged, it is dangerous to use such tongs, since you can stay without eyelashes. Перед использованием щипчики нужно немного нагреть (точнее, их резиновые части), поэтому подержите их под струей горячей воды. Зажмите ресницы как можно ближе к краю века. Если ресницы длинные, то можно повторить зажим еще несколько раз, приближаясь к концам ресниц.

Eyelashes can be curled with a special ployka – the electronic device will give your cilia the desired bend. It can be used both on natural, and on the increased cilia, which must be slightly moistened before the procedure. A thermal wave worsens the structure of the eyelash, drying them, since regular exposure to high temperatures is undesirable.

Вы можете завить ресницы при помощи специальной туши. Этот метод имеет свои недостатки – тушь слишком сушит и стягивает волокна, поэтому при частом применении ресницы становятся слабыми, тусклыми и теряют свой блеск.

A perm of the eyelashes gives самый стойкий and a long-lasting effect – the hairs retain their shape for three months, that is until they fall out in a natural way. To carry out the procedure of chemical wave, you need to purchase a complete set: curlers of different diameters and sizes, a special fixing solution that fixes the composition. The size of the rollers depends on the bend of the eyelashes – thick curlers form smooth shapes, so they should be used on long eyelashes. For short eyelashes you need the thinnest rollers. The fixing compound allows to fix the bend, and the fixing means fixes the result. After a chemical wave, eyelashes need special care, so you will need nutritional and restorative products – you can buy them in a specialized store or every day lubricate cilia with castor, burdock oil.

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