What wore ancient Russian women of fashion

What wore ancient Russian women of fashion
Even in ancient times, women liked to dress beautifully. Dresses fashionistas of ancient Russia to this day admire the exquisite embroidery and interesting decoration. Particularly striking for their luxury are the clothes of women from rich and noble families.

Clothing for fashionistas in Ancient Russia

There was a division into the underwear (undershirt) and the upper dress. To the clothes belonged to a shirt (srachica, sorochitsa), which was traditionally sewn from thin linen cloth. She was a long dress with sleeves that exceeded the length of the arm, which adhered to "handcuffs" (bracelets). Usually fabric for shirts made by women, and decorated them with pearls and elegant embroidery. In addition, under the sorceress, they also wore loinclen clothes – "I understand".

The upper costumes of ancient Russian women of fashion belonging to different classes were similar in cut, but the rich were sewed from more expensive and elegant fabrics and had more details.

The upper garment of noble women in the X-XIII centuries was sewed from oriental silks with exquisite embroidery (pavo-lok) or dense fleecy fabric with a gold or silver thread, similar to velvet. She was a straight loose dress with wide long sleeves. The bottom of the dress was decorated with a border, and the top with a round turn-down collar.

Round collars – "necklaces" were not sewn, but were superimposed on the dresses. There were standing Collars made on a rigid basis (birch bark) and covered with silk or other fabric with embroidery.

One of the oldest elements of the costume was the belt, which served as an ornament and "charm", which protected from "evil spirit". Over dresses threw a cloak-cape (corso), which was fastened with fibula on shoulder.

In the cold season, Old Russian women wore fur clothes: ladies from wealthy families – expensive furs (sable, ermine), less noble – more modest fur coats (from squirrel skins). Fur coats in Ancient Rus were worn fur inward, the front part was sewed from expensive and bright fabrics.

Frescos, which have survived since that time, indicate that the ancient Russian ladies loved clothes of bright saturated colors (especially red), which was supplemented by silver and gold embroidery. The motifs of the embroidery were very diverse: beautifully curved stems of plants and branches of trees, flowers and geometric figures.

Headgear and shoes of Old Russian beauties

A very important element of the female image was the headdress. He not only had an aesthetic sense, but also carried a social implication – showed the prosperity of the family. The headpiece of a married woman completely covered her hair, free girls could walk "simple-haired."

Girls wore wreaths (coronas) from a narrow strip of metal or cloth that covered the forehead and held together at the back of the head. They were decorated with embroidery, pearls and precious stones.

Headdresses of married women were lined around the edge with glass beads, a crown-kokoshnik or kiku was put on top, and in the winter a hat with a fur band.

The finishing touch of the female costume was shoes. One of the earliest mentions of the shoes of Ancient Rus is description bast shoes. They wove from bast and birch bark and were worn mainly by poor village women.

In the 7-9 centuries, leather shoes were fashioned, which were decorated with embossing, embroidery or carving. In 10 century half-boots have already appeared, reaching to the middle of the shin, which were laced or buttoned.

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