What we know about diets

What we know about diets
The problem of excess weight in a civilized world is becoming more acute every year. The number of a wide variety of diets crosses all reasonable boundaries, but fuller people on the streets of Russia, Europe and America are becoming more and more. Apparently, not all diets are equally good. And before you prescribe yourself a cure for excess weight, you need to find out the whole truth about diets.

Why the quick weight dropped is returned again

Restricting himself to eating, a person starts quickly lose weight the first few days, because the body for lack of energy from the outside burns the stored fat. However, soon, tired of stress, the body begins to accumulate fat again, "на черный day". In the end, it is worth to you to give up the diet, how the fat reserves will increase with frightening speed and excess weight will eventually become more than before the diet.

Why to losing weight нужно больше пить

First, by consuming a lot of water before eating, you can deceive the body. The stomach will be full and for satiation it will take much less food than usual. Secondly, lack of water worsens the work of the liver and kidneys, and this causes a metabolic disorder. As a result, the weight increases.

Почему быстрые диеты неэффективны

За три дня с помощью специальных чаев или биологических добавок действительно можно сбросить три-четыре килограмма. Но дело в том, что эти килограммы состоят не из жира, а из воды. Как только человек прекращает диету, вода вновь возвращается. А если сидеть на такой диете долго, это чревато нарушением основных функций работы желудочно-кишечного тракта и почек.

Почему нужно придерживаться диеты всю жизнь, чтобы оставаться стройным

Getting rid of excess weight is not so difficult. But to stay for many years in the achieved form is much more difficult. The fact is that after the goal is achieved, and a few extra kilograms are dropped, the person returns to the habitual way of life and to his usual diet. Kilograms quickly return, and even with an increase. And the more different diets on oneself try, the less the body begins to react to them. To always stay in shape, you need to stick to your diet all your life. This does not mean that one should always starve. Diet in this case means the rejection of harmful and fatty foods, regular consumption of vegetables and fruits and moderation in alcohol. Food should be fun. But it's important never to overeat and resist the temptation to eat an extra piece of cake or a fifteenth cinnamon roll.

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