What vitamins are needed for the health of nails

What vitamins are needed for the health of nails
Healthy and strong nails are the key to a beautiful manicure and neat type of hands. However, due to the lack of minerals and vitamins, the nails are stressed, they break down and become delicate, soft and have an unhealthy color. Therefore, the saturation of the body with vitamins is so necessary for the health of your nails.

Broken and dry nails with thickened edges of nail plates indicate a lack of vitamins E and A. This pair is absorbed together much better than individually and begins to work effectively in the body. Vitamin E is found in seeds and nuts, cereals and vegetable oils, egg yolks and milk, in legumes and green salad. Do not deprive your body of fats, especially butter. Be sure to include in your diet of chicken and pork liver, fatty fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables and fruits. Vitamin A is sold in the pharmacy in the form of capsules, but excessive use of it can lead to even more disastrous consequences.

To strengthen the nails is needed vitamin C. It is abundant in all kinds of berries, dog rose, greens, sweet Bulgarian pepper and citrus fruits. And this vitamin should be consumed not only inward, but also used externally. To do this, cut the lemon in half and stick the nails there, keep them for twenty minutes. It is recommended to perform this procedure every evening before going to bed, after that do not wash your hands, but just pat them with a napkin. After two weeks you will notice the result.

Gray and dull nails can indicate that your body lacks vitamins PP and B5, as well as selenium. Vitamin PP (nicotinic acid) is found in brown rice, nuts, ceps and seeds. Vitamin B5 is rich in wheat bran, offal, nuts, cereals, brewer's yeast, eggs and seeds. Selenium enters the body together with olives, garlic and bran.

Vitamins of group B are able to protect the human nails from the appearance of longitudinal grooves and thinning in them. Buckwheat, cottage cheese, liver, brown rice, almonds and milk – all these listed products have a large number of B vitamins. Also, micronutrients are necessary for the health of nails. Iodine improves nail growth, it is found in avocado, spinach and sea kale. Iron forms the correct structure of the nail, so include in the diet of pomegranates, apples and liver.

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