What to make a face mask for in winter

What to make a face mask for in winter
The mechanism of action of each mask is determined by its components. In winter masks, the obligatory component is vegetable oil – olive, linseed or pumpkin. They form a kind of protection that will prevent the negative effects of frost and cold.
In addition to oil in masks, there is an additional component, which can be different, but is no less useful.

Banana mask. This exotic fruit is an excellent natural moisturizer, hence the maximum moisturizing of the skin will be ensured. Included in the composition of the banana vitamin A, actively nourishes dry skin, which is irritated by the action of wind and cold.

Gelatin mask. Gelatin has an excellent rejuvenating effect. If you add this component to the winter mask, it will tighten the flabby skin, improve blood circulation, add radiance to the tired skin, brighten the pigment spots, smooth out wrinkles and give elasticity.

Lemon mask. Lemon is a storehouse of vitamin C, a natural natural antioxidant, which in turn cleanses and strengthens the skin, narrows the pores and nourishes the skin. A meal is also exactly necessary in the winter, as well as moisturizing.

Carrot mask. Carrots can tonify face skin, and also improve its color.

Chamomile Mask. Chamomile has always been an excellent tool for calming not only the body, but also the skin. In winter, the skin is especially irritated and inflamed, and the chamomile broth is able to eliminate all these negative effects of winter.

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