What to eat to lose weight

What to eat to lose weight
Special products for weight loss exist only in the dreams of those who are overweight. Therefore, no matter how much one wants to get rid of several kilograms, eating only pineapples, it is unlikely to succeed. However, to normalize your diet, making it more useful, and part with fat without hard diets, it is possible, you just need to know what to eat for losing weight.

You will need
  • – dietary meats;
  • – fruits and vegetables;
  • – animal and vegetable fats.
Revise your menu, adding a large amount of animal and vegetable protein. It is not stored in fats and allows lose weight without special restrictions in nutrition. Such protein contains low-fat varieties of meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, nuts, beans. Replace with such protein the usual sausages and sausages, which are not good for the body, since they contain a large amount of fat.

Worry not only about what is there for losing weight, but also how to cook it. It is best to refuse from frying, steaming, baking or boiling. An important role is played by filling the dishes. If there is a boiled chicken breast with mayonnaise, then weight loss you can not count. Therefore, fatty sauces for the period of weight loss must disappear from the diet. An alternative to the usual mayonnaise may be a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.

Carbohydrates must necessarily be present in the menu, since a complete rejection of them leads the body to stress, because of which, after returning to the old system of nutrition, he begins to convulsively replenish the departed kilograms. Carbohydrates are necessary for obtaining energy, but it is important to choose the correct source. Not suitable for those who wish grow thin изюм, сухофрукты, мед, картофель, выпечка, белый рис. Тогда как цитрусовые плоды, ягоды, капуста и бобовые станут не только источником углеводов, но и нужной для нормального пищеварения клетчатки.

Do not give up fat completely, prefer vegetable to animals. They do not contain cholesterol. Of the animals, the most suitable are dairy fats and those that enter the body from fish. In total, the total amount of fat should not exceed 1 grams per 1 kg of body weight. Reduce the amount of fat is very simple, you need to use them minimally when preparing food, as well as switch to dairy products with reduced fat content.

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