What to eat in winter, not to recover

What to eat in winter, not to recover
On average over the winter, you can add from 2 to 5 kg, and this is the natural reaction of the body to cold and frost. In connection with this winter, the appetite rises, and the feeling of hunger does not allow to lose weight. However, in order not to dump superfluous kilograms in the spring, perhaps, it's worth paying a little more attention to your diet and simply not allowing your body to "make reserves".

Understand what the nature of your hunger is. If you eat from nothing to do, from boredom, you just need to pull yourself together and find an occupation to take your head and thoughts. If hunger appears because of a large expenditure of energy during intense physical work, then there is no point in resisting it – calories consumed with success will be burned. But if this is an exceptionally seasonal phenomenon and you experience a winter increase in appetite every year, you will need to work on your will power and adjust your diet so that your hunger does not do you any bad service.

That do not get better зимой, голодать не придется. Вам всего лишь необходимо сохранить свою прекрасную форму. Есть можно и нужно, но не все подряд.

Eliminate "harmful" for the body carbohydrates. Refuse sweets, sugar, cookies, white bread. By the way, you will not experience carbohydrate "starvation" if you bring in your diet bread from wholemeal flour, fresh oatmeal cookies, whole grain products.

Give up the potatoes. Not only is it caloric, starch is also carbohydrates. Instead of a potato on a garnish cook cereal porridges, such as buckwheat, millet or rice.

Try to minimize the intake of animal fats. They are quite easily replaced by vegetable, but these useful fats should not be used thoughtlessly, but in very limited quantities.

In cold weather, try not to get warm with a hearty coffee with milk, a fragrant cappuccino or hot chocolate. In one serving, latte coffee with whole milk contains 265 calories, which is equal to a large plate of vegetable soup. In cappuccino – 153 calories, and in chocolate with cream – as much as 448 calories. Weight is threatened not only by these non-satisfying calorie hunger, the excess of caffeine provokes the body to "postpone" fat. Warm up with herbal, fruit or green teas.

That not get better, it is possible and necessary to eat foods rich in protein in the winter and in the summer. Moreover, the building material for protein – tryptophan – helps to cope with hunger, arising for psychological reasons. Proteins are found in fish, lean meat, chicken, turkey, cheese, skim milk products, eggs, nuts.

In the winter on your table must be present vegetables (except – potatoes). You can have unlimited quantities: carrots, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cabbage of all kinds, pod beans, etc. Do not deny yourself and fruits, berries, except for high-calorie bananas.

Make it a rule to eat a bowl of soup at lunch. But not fatty and fatty, on several kinds of meat, and soup-puree or classic vegetable (tomato or carrot). It is believed that the water that enters the body from the products, in contrast to simply drinking water, contributes to a more prolonged emptying of the stomach. This means that the feeling of satiety persists longer.

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