What to eat in the evening to not get better

What to eat in the evening to not get better
Often, if you want to lose weight, people decide to give up dinner. The rules "do not eat after six", "give dinner to another" can be found in almost every instruction to lose weight. However, the feeling of hunger that arose late in the evening is a serious obstacle to sleep.

The human body has no concept of "losing weight". If, for some reason, he does not get food in the usual evening time, emergency mode is activated. The body begins to store food for future use, saving calories from breakfast and lunch in the most secluded places: the sides, buttocks, hips. That's why, having decided one day to refuse dinner or transfer it to 5-6 hours of the evening, women do not achieve the desired result. The principles of proper nutrition say that meals should be every 4-5 hours. And the last snack is for 2-3 hours before sleep. Only in this case the metabolism will be high, and the nerves are in order.

Late food intake should consist of easily digestible foods, preferably containing a minimum of sugar. Otherwise, instead of resting at night, the body will digest what you gave him. Calories obtained as a result of processing will necessarily be stored in problem areas.

If you are very worried about your figure, deceive the hunger by drinking a mug of hot tea without sugar. It is best to use green, herbal or berry tea, since black contains caffeine, which excites the nervous system. It will not affect the shape of the fresh cucumber or green apples. They can be eaten in any quantity.

For a more satisfying dinner, prepare yourself a vegetable or fruit salad. Cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, leaf lettuce, greens are best for these purposes. From fruits: apples, kiwi, oranges, grapefruits. You can add a few pears. From sweet fruit is better to refuse. Also, do not rely on nourishing bananas and grapes that cause fermentation in the intestines. To fill the salad with low-fat sour cream, natural yogurt or lemon juice.

Fans of dairy products as a late snack can use low-calorie kefir or yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese. To the dish was not so boring, add to it fresh berries or fruit. Jam, jam, sweet syrup and granulated sugar should not be added.

The big mistake of many slimming people is the desire to eat well during supper so that before going to bed you do not want to have something to eat. After a few days of such food, the scales will most likely "delight" you with an increase. The fact is that the basic energy costs of the human body fall to 2-3 hours of the day, in the evening the calories received will not be used up. To have a hearty meal, but light, eat chicken fillet, lean beef or lean fish, steamed and sprinkled with lemon juice. As a side dish, rice and stewed vegetables are suitable: carrots, broccoli, cauliflower.

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