What to eat in the evening to lose weight

What to eat in the evening to lose weight
The evening time of the day is the time of doubt and hesitation for those who want to lose excess weight. After all, there are so many different opinions about dinner: some are strongly recommended to give it up, others advise to lean on meat. The truth, as often happens, is the "golden mean".

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle do not recommend to refuse dinner, and to their opinion dieticians join. By depriving the body of one of the meals, you force it to experience stress and look for in subsequent meals, the opportunity to put aside something in reserve in the event of another hunger strike. That's why people who are trying to throw a few pounds, in any case can not skip dinner.

In order to eat in the evening, but at the same time continue to acquire an increasingly harmonous figure, you need to remember that even before dinner, meals should be regular and balanced. Try to eat small portions at least five times a day. Such a nutrition system will help to accelerate the metabolic processes in the body, which will lead to weight loss.

Dinner after six in the evening is normal. Of course, if at seven you do not plan to go to bed. In other cases, it is not necessary to deprive yourself of food after reaching the cherished mark by the hands of the clock. The last meal should be about two and a half – three hours before bedtime. So the body will have time to cope with digestion and will not bother your brain with calls for work, which will lead to insomnia.

There are lunches for dinner, and just want to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat properly, should have as many proteins and less carbohydrates. So, the ideal second course for dinner will be a chicken breast without skin. It contains a minimum of fats and a maximum of proteins. Cook it better for a couple, boiled or baked. Fried food in itself is not entirely useful, so it is better to give up this method of cooking altogether.

Another product is fish. Again, boiled, steamed or baked in foil. Try to choose low-fat, for example, cod, hake, pollock, flounder, carp or pink salmon.

На гарнир приготовьте овощи. Сырые овощи и фрукты есть вечером нельзя – большое количество клетчатки будет долго усваиваться, поэтому оставьте их на утро. А вот вареные и запеченные овощи – пожалуйста.

Under no circumstances conditions leave for the evening meal you can not sweets, fatty foods, fast food, sauces like mayonnaise and ketchup, flour products.

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