What to do with medium length hair

What to do with medium length hair
Hair of medium length today is most popular among women of all ages. Such a hairstyle does not require such intensive care, as long voloss, but, at the same time, it looks very feminine and sexy, giving its owner a unique charm and charm. However, you should not think that if your hair does not reach the length of the shoulders, they do not require special care. Even as required.

Hair of medium length, although not so capricious as long, still need your care and attention. The most common problem here is the tips of the tips. The fact is that women often want to grow hair subline, completely ignoring their state. As a result, the dissected hair breaks down the entire length, becomes brittle and weakened. Instead of achieving, you have to get rid of the diseased and damaged ends, cutting them off for a much longer length.

But not everything is so gloomy. The problem can easily be turned into a qualitative advantage. After all, if you regularly trim the tips and take care of the hairiness of your hair, your hairstyle day after day remains as impeccable as it was at the time of the haircut. In addition, regular trips to a beauty salon or a hairdressing salon contribute not only to preserving the form, but also to maintaining the health of the hair and scalp. In fact from the damaged tips all nutrients are washed away, and if behind them to watch – this does not happen.

Вы обладательница тонких и ослабленных волос? Значит, обязательно необходимо подумать об уходе и питании. Ведь именно прическах средней длины ломкость и сухость становятся больше всего заметны. Уделите больше внимание уходу за кожей головы и займитесь дополнительным питанием. Сейчас в магазинах можно приобрести множество разнообразных масок, бальзамов и несмываемых кондиционеров, предназначенных для укрепления и увлажнения волос изнутри. После мытья головы обязательно пользуйтесь бальзамом-ополаскивателем, а раз в неделю применяйте питательную или увлажняющую маску специально. Помните, что влажные волосы ни в коем случае нельзя растирать полотенцем, расчесывать и растягивать. Просто аккуратно промокните излишки влаги и сушитесь дальше в щадящем режиме.

Now about hairstyles. Do not use metal pins or designs that pull or deform parts of the hairstyle. Unlike Women, whose hair is longer, ladies – owners of medium-length hair can not afford damaged strands in the face or neck area. After all, the defect simply has nothing to cover. Give preference to wooden or plastic combs and use only those hair clips whose quality does not cause doubts.

Hair of medium length is an excellent option for modern women. After all, the curl, the tail and simple loose curls that fall to the shoulders are relevant here. You can easily experiment with color and form and always remain irresistible and different. Just do not forget to take care of your hair to get their natural shine and density admired the views of fans and friends.

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