What to do with hair loss

What to do with hair loss
Often people are worried about the problem of hair loss. To understand whether you need to worry, you can use a simple method. Take the strand and pull lightly. If between your fingers there are not more than two hairs left, everything is in order. If more, it is urgent to take action.

Few, who remain indifferent, seeing their hair, left on clothes or on a pillow. But do not get upset. First you need to understand what caused their fallout. This problem can occur with malnutrition, when the hair follicles lack nutrients. Include in the diet of poultry meat, legumes, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, hair will be grateful. But even if there are enough vitamins in the menu, alcohol, smoking, medication can interfere with their absorption. Have Women can fall hair после изменения гормонального фона. Это может быть связано с беременностью, менопаузой, абортами и др. Также выпадение волос может быть заложено генетически.

To prevent and stop hair loss, you need to ensure proper hair care. Do not use metal combs, it is better to choose a brush that will gently massage the scalp, improving blood circulation. Before going to bed, comb your head in different directions, this has a beneficial effect on hair follicles. Wash your head no more than twice a week. Use for this purpose strengthening shampoos and balms. Very useful shampoos with extract of chamomile, nettle. Also, for nutrition, you can take funds with panthenone and jojoba oil. Do not abuse the styling products.

Verified folk will also come to the rescue recipes. An effective tool is a mask based on burdock root. Pour two tablespoons of burdock root with steep boiling water and heat over low heat for half an hour. Cool the broth and rinse it with hair. Well strengthens strands rubbing table salt in the roots of clean hair. Try rubbing the roots of the gruel from the roots of horse radish. This procedure should be done once every three weeks, and you will notice that the strength returned to your hair.

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