What to do with dry and damaged hair

What to do with dry and damaged hair
Dry and damaged hair often spoil the mood of the fair sex. But what if the modern way of life with its bad ecology, nervous breakdowns, rapid rhythm of life, makes a significant imprint on the condition of the hair. And, unfortunately, not every girl by nature is given thick and strong hair. What to do with dry and damaged hair? The situation can be corrected by regular hair care. This can be done with the help of improvised means.

You will need
  • -Burr oil
  • -lifter egg
  • -chamomile tea
  • -Apple vinegar
The most popular among the procedures for hair care are hair masks. The simplest of masks for dry and поврежденных волос burdock mask. For her, you need to take any burdock oil and add egg yolk to it. Ingredients to mix, put on the roots of hair. Before applying the mask, it is better to warm up. Then comb the hair with a comb. After that, the mask will be evenly distributed on the hair. Hair wrap in cellophane and wrap in a towel. After an hour, you can wash off the mask with shampoo. You can do this procedure two or three times a week. With her help, you will wake the sleeping bulbs and shine your hair.

Chamomile tea is one of the most effective methods of helping damaged and dry hair. We boil two liters of water, we lower there two tea bags. Let us brew and begin to use. This is another trick that will make hair silky and restore the structure. Rinsing hair regularly, you solve the problem of dry hair within a month.

A simple and affordable way to restore damaged and dry hair is apple cider vinegar. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar will only benefit your hair. It contains a lot of vitamins and microelements. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to one liter of water. Rinse the hair with this solution after you wash it. Brilliant and silky hair is provided to you.
Use only real apple cider vinegar.

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