What to do with a mustache

What to do with a mustache
A mustache is a special pride of a man. Very different in length, color, shape – they are designed to make the image of their owner special. To simple vegetation above the lip has become a real decoration of your appearance, you need to take care of it regularly.

Release the whiskers to the minimum length. Their growth is unlikely to be significantly accelerated, so you just need to wait. When the vegetation becomes thick enough, experiment with the shape of the mustache. It is at this stage that it is more convenient to change it to find the best option and learn how to care for the result.

If you do not know what kind of mustache you are suitable for, look for photos of barbel on the Internet. In cases where the owner of the mustache, in your opinion, is their shape, pay attention to the type of appearance and the shape of the person's face. Please Select type, which is most like you, and try for some time to wear the same mustache. At the same time, watch for the compatibility of their style and your image as a whole.

In the absence of experience with handling this appearance attribute, the first attempts may be unsuccessful. If you are not sure that you can give the whiskers the desired shape and make them symmetrical, contact the salon with a specialist. He will explain to you how to create this or that "model" and how to maintain its neat appearance in domestic conditions.

Regardless of the shape and fluffiness of the mustache, they must be taken care of regularly. Wash them while taking a bath with shampoo, which you usually use. There are special lines of caring cosmetics for the mustache and beards. Their application it does not necessarily refer to questions of affluence and love for such rituals.

Cut your mustache to save the selected shape. Short comb comb with frequent teeth against hair growth and shear excess length. Long, on the contrary, comb from the roots to the ends and only after that trim. After shearing, taper the shape of the curly mustache with a razor.

Long Mustache unusual shape («Хэндлбар», «Английские», «Дали» и т.п.) необходимо укладывать. Для этой цели приобретите воск для усов. Нанесите его по всей длине или только на кончики и расческой зачешите волосы в желаемом направлении. При выборе воска обратите внимание на степень фиксации – для жестких волос следует выбрать максимальную. Вместо специального средства можно использовать любой воск для укладки прически.

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