What to do when bags under the eyes

What to do when bags under the eyes
Bags under the eyes are one of the most common problems that have to be dealt with quite often. The reasons for the appearance of puffiness under the eyes include lack of sleep, stress, malnutrition, poor heredity and other factors. Still, you can get rid of this problem.

You will need
  • – ice cubes;
  • – tea welding;
  • – wadding;
  • – parsley;
  • – potatoes;
  • – Camomile common;
  • – Sage;
  • – a cucumber;
  • – corrector;
  • – Foundation.
Attach ice cubes (preferably from herb decoction) to the lower eyelids and leave for five minutes. Such a compress will not only relieve puffiness, but also improve blood circulation, so that the skin will become healthier and more beautiful.

Useful properties are tea (tea or black tea). Dampen with fresh tea brew swabs and put them on your eyes for a quarter of an hour.

Get rid of bags under the eyes a mask of parsley leaves will help. Grind the greens and attach to the eyelids, and top cover with damp cotton swabs. This mask should be applied for about fifteen minutes, and then washed off with warm water.

Отличное средство от отечности – отварной картофель. Разрежьте вареный клубень пополам и приложите половинки к глазам минут на двадцать-тридцать. Но картофель не должен быть слишком горячим, иначе можно обжечь нежную кожу вокруг глаз.

Very useful herbal compresses. You can use flowers of chamomile, sage and parsley. Pour the herb with boiling water and let it brew, divide the infusion into two parts (cool one part and heat the second one), then moisten cotton swabs alternately in warm and cold infusion and apply to the eyes.

Slices of fresh cucumber – an excellent remedy for bags under the eyes: this is due to the fact that they contain special enzymes that significantly reduce swelling.

You can hide the problem with a properly selected corrector and foundation. However, these cosmetics can mask only dark circles under the eyes – harbingers of bags. But it's impossible to correct the situation with impending eyelids with the help of such cosmetics: more radical methods will be needed here.

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