What to do to make hair grow faster

What to do to make hair grow faster
To speed up hair growth, as doctors and scientists say, it is impossible, since this process is predetermined genetically. But you can remove the barriers that prevent normal hair growth, especially since in modern life there are many such obstacles.

One of the barriers that stand in the way of normal hair growth is unbalanced nutrition. Different diets, eating foods with preservatives, lack of vitamins and minerals adversely affect the growth of hair. If you want to speed up the process of getting a long head of hair, eat more cabbage, beans, nuts. Do not forget about milk, soy and brown rice. Good effect on the growth of hair intake of brewer's yeast, which can be bought at the pharmacy.

Another barrier that slows down hair growth is the many stresses that your body is experiencing. Learn to minimize them, know how to relax, do not try to take on too many responsibilities.

Вредные привычки, такие как курение и употребление алкоголя, ослабляют организм, вредят волосам, ногтям и коже. Уберите этот барьер, мешающий обрести силу и красоту вашим волосам.

Accelerate hair growth helps a thorough head massage. It improves blood circulation and nutrition of hair roots. To make such a massage, take in equal proportions castor, olive and coconut oil, mix them and heat on low heat until 40оС. Rub the oil mixture into the scalp with light circular motions for 8-10 minutes. Then wash the head with a special strengthening shampoo for weakened hair.

Choose for yourself a good multivitamin complex, aimed at improving skin, hair and nails. It is best if it is a proven drug sold in a pharmacy, and not a biologically active additive of questionable quality.

Shampoo and all other hair care products are best purchased from a series of special treatment lines. Well, if their composition will include extracts of herbs and other natural substances (honey, mummies, etc.)

You can prepare several effective masks to accelerate hair growth in domestic conditions. Возьмите две-три крупных луковицы, пропустите их через мясорубку. Добавьте в луковую кашицу мед, исходя из пропорции: 1часть лука к 2 частям меда. Нанесите данную маску на кожу головы и оставьте на полчаса, затем смойте.

Another mask for enhancing hair growth is prepared from yeast and pepper. Take 50 g of dry yeast, dilute them in half a glass of pepper. Apply the mixture on the scalp, after twenty minutes, wash off the mask.

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