What to do to lose weight hands

What to do to lose weight hands
Biceps and triceps are one of the main problem areas in women, along with the hips and abdomen. To correct changes in these places it is possible only with the help of physical exercises, carried out regularly and with full return.

Для борьбы или профилактики возрастных изменений кожи рук (sagging, loss of elasticity and elasticity), it is necessary to apply cardinal measures. No, this is not plastic surgery (which, of course, can help, but you can do without it). It's about exercise.

Regular load will help to improve the condition of muscles and skin of hands within a month, and in three months the result will be much more visible. Exercise from 15 to 30 minutes a day, do not be lazy, and you will marvel at the ability of your body to respond to stress.

Попробуйте следующие упражнения, выберите наиболее подходящие для себя, составьте персональный комплекс, и наслаждайтесь работой над своим телом.

1. The starting position is legs on the width of the shoulders, a free hand on the waist. In the second hand, take a dumbbell weighing from 1 to 2 kilogram. Pull the dumbbell up, straightening the arm. Lower the arm with the dumbbell down to the shoulders, winding it behind the head, then return to the starting position. After the desired number of repetitions, change your hand. Do the exercise slowly, lower the dumbbell as low as possible to increase the load on the muscles.

2. Исходное положение – то же, arms at the seams, are pressed to the hips, in each – a dumbbell. Bend your arms at the elbows, lifting the dumbbells to your shoulders, then lower them down again. Exercise is slow.

3. Исходное положение – упор лежа, руки широко расставлены. Делайте отжимания, держа спину в прямом положении.

4. The starting position is feet shoulder width apart, hands touching the shoulders. Pull out your left hand, pull the body after it, go back to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other hand.

5. The starting position is the same, in each hand on the dumbbell, they are pressed into the chest. Lunge forward with your left foot, while throwing out your right hand. Change your arm and leg. Exercise is like punching a wall.

Repeat each exercise 30 times. Do not rush to start with a large number of repetitions, it's hard for you and for your muscles. Do the maximum possible number of repetitions, gradually increasing it.

In addition to physical exercises, it is necessary to maintain the skin and help her to come into tonus. Apply moisturizers (for prevention) and firming creams daily. Take a contrast shower, it helps the skin maintain its elasticity.

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