What to do if your feet are sweating heavily

What to do if your feet are sweating heavily
Increased sweating of the legs is observed mainly in young men, but with age can pass without specific treatment. If you do not want to wait a minute and want to cope with the sweating of your feet, then proceed to the treatment procedures now.

The most effective tool is Teimurov's paste. Buy it you can in the pharmacy at a very affordable price. Rinse your feet well with soap and apply a thin layer of paste. Put on the cotton socks. In the morning, just wash your feet and apply any cream with a deodorizing effect. Pasta use every evening for one week – usually this time is enough to cope with sweating.

Пользуйтесь специальными дезодорантами для ног. Они не только сократят количество выделяемой влаги, но и помогут избавиться от неприятного запаха. Но deodorant It should be applied only to clean skin, otherwise the effect can be directly opposite.

Do foot baths with potassium permanganate – it dries the skin and reduces sweating. The solution should be only slightly pinkish, otherwise you will burn the skin and it will begin to peel off. If the potassium permanganate does not suit you, then use a decoction from the bark of oak. Brew 2-3 tablespoons of bark in a liter of boiling water, insist. Dilute with water in the ratio of 1: 1. Average bath time with oak bark should be about 15-25 minutes, so that the effect is better.

В некоторых случаях повышенная потливость ног связана со стрессами. Пропейте курсом отвар из седативных трав. Хорошо помогают мелисса, зверобой, пустырник, валериана и душица. Сделайте травяной сбор. Заваривайте около 1 столовой ложки на стакан кипятка. Принимайте по 50 мл отвара 4 раза в сутки. Курс лечения должен составлять около 1 месяца.

If nothing has helped, go to the hospital. It's possible that you have something wrong with your health. Sometimes, excessive sweating of the legs is observed against a background of hormonal failure, impaired renal function and other abnormalities. To bring clarity to you will help the therapist, after taking the tests. Do not ignore such a body signal, like sweating feet.

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