What to do if there are bruises under the eyes

What to do if there are bruises under the eyes
If shadows thicken under your eyes, just think about your health. After all, the appearance of blue on the lower eyelids is a manifestation of malfunctions with the kidneys, nerves or heart. Accordingly, the elimination of this cosmetic defect is possible only from the inside. With the help of a well-chosen shade of the corrector, you can make dark circles less noticeable.

If the bruises under the eyes appeared after a prolonged nervous strain, chronic lack of sleep and insufficient rest – put your nerves in order. To do this, go to bed early and get up. After waking up, do gymnastics and sweat with cold water, waist or full. For 20-30 minutes before breakfast, drink a glass of clean water, and a few minutes later a freshly brewed green tea with melissa or mint broth. During the day, walk for at least an hour, preferably among the dense greenery, and during the walk breathe deeply and rhythmically. Once a week, organize a holiday: going to nature, meeting friends, shopping, massage and other salon procedures.

При появлении синих кругов под глазами, в сочетании с отеками на лице и болями в пояснице, increasing by evening – pay attention to the kidneys. In order not to expose yourself to tedious medical examinations, try to independently restore their activities. To do this, limit the salt, salted, pickled and vinegar-containing foods. To improve the filtration and excretory function of the kidneys, use more watermelons, melons, vitaminized fruit drinks, natural juices, compotes. From broths of herbs, drink ready-made kidney for 2-3 weeks. Do this on a par with the general strengthening organism by means of hardening with water, sun and physical exercises.

Dark circles under the eyes, accompanied by pricking or pain in the heart – an occasion to consult a doctor or thoroughly engage in strengthening the heart. For him, only positive emotions, full rest, moderate physical aerobic loads, nutrition rich in potassium, magnesium, chromium, selenium, and also vitamins P, E, Group B are useful. These substances are present in bread from wholemeal flour, beans, greens, vegetable oils, nuts. Especially useful for the heart honey, raisins, dried apricots, lemons, barley and buckwheat porridge, nuts, spinach, Brussels sprouts. Of the herbs, melissa, mint, birch leaves, and dogrose will be of great benefit.

To mask the blue under the eyes and give the face freshness, use corrective means, but not with a foundation lotion. Its texture is too heavy for the delicate skin of the eyelids. Choose a tone lighter than the main one. At the end of the day, after removing makeup, make lotions from freshly brewed green tea, chamomile or mint. Or apply on all face and eyelids slices of raw potatoes or cucumber.

Any procedures for eliminating blue circles are conducted until a positive result is obtained. In each case, it can appear at different times.

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