What to do if the skin of the face is worn out

What to do if the skin of the face is worn out
Almost everyone knows what a weather-beaten face, lips and hands are. This happens in winter and summer. Strong wind, dry air and sun. In union, these three elements can thoroughly damage the appearance and harm the skin.


Do you have any signs of weathering

Before you begin treatment or recovery procedures, you need to make sure that this is an airing. In some cases, there is a similarity to a burn. Pay attention to such signs as:

  • redness of the skin with painful sensations;
  • watery eyes;
  • foci of peeling and coarsening (most often on the nose and cheeks);
  • microcracks;
  • чувство сдавленности кожных покровов;
  • the appearance of a rash or blisters.

Saving the skin is necessary, even if it's simple airing. With a high degree of defeat, the treatment is prescribed only by a dermatologist.

How to resuscitate the skin at home

Существуют несколько действенных советов и способов помощи в этой ситуации:

  • do not use hot water for washing;
  • discard aggressive detergents;
  • immediately after water procedures apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream;
  • give up alcohol and coffee for a while;
  • use juices and water to regenerate skin;
  • procedures for moisturizing cream every hour;
  • do not use scrubs;
  • Eat vitamin E (nuts, vegetable oil, olives, milk);
  • нежно массажируйте губы медом, нанесенным на зубную щетку.

Avoiding weathering

Observing simple rules, you can protect yourself and loved ones from the discomfort of skin lesions.

Most often, the face and arms are exposed to the wind. If your skin is dry, use gloves, shawls, scarves. Each accessory is at the right time of the year.

Snow has the properties of reflecting ultraviolet radiation within 80%. Cover your chin and neck. The tender skin will not suffer.

Use moisturizing and protective creams. Protective cream should be applied an hour before reaching the open air. Lip balm apply at least once an hour. Do not lick your lips.

Breathe through your nose. When breathing mouth injured lips.

Take care of your hands. Handle your hands with a nourishing cream for 30 minutes before going outside. Systematically massage.

As a preventive measure, use masks based on olive oil or sea buckthorn oil. Excellent prepare the skin for stressful situations, herbal and fruit masks. Especially will be effective – with the addition of apples.

Эта напасть обычно проходит через неделю. Если состояние не улучшается, то необходим поход к доктору. Выполняя эти рекомендации, Вы сможете избежать обветривания и радоваться любой погоде!

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