What to do if the hair is like straw

What to do if the hair is like straw
Dry and lifeless hair is the result of improper care or bold experiments with dyes. Such strands practically do not lend themselves to laying, they grow rusty and look untidy. To put them in order, you have to work hard.

Do your hair look like straw? Hence, the cortex is seriously damaged. It is located directly under the scales, tightly adjacent to the trunk along the entire length of the hair. If the flakes are opened as a result of the use of a hair dye or an aggressive shampoo, the detergent falls directly onto the rod. The scales are no longer closed, and now your head of hair has suddenly become fluffy and drained.

To close the scales, you need to wash your hair with a professional smoothing shampoo. Nowadays, silicone based compounds are especially popular. They are effective, but not entirely harmless, because enveloping hair, prevent the cuticle from breathing. Where it is more effective and safer than shampoos with silk proteins and amino acids. Such are in Sunsilk, Pantene, Syoss.

Вместе с шампунем обязательно использовать кондиционер и маску. Кондиционер применяют при ежедневном мытье, маску – 1-2 раза в неделю. Кондиционер облегчает расчесывание пушистых поврежденных волос и смягчает воду. Маска глубоко увлажняет волос и насыщает его питательными компонентами. В состав маски для лечения сухих волос должны входить витаминные комплексы и эфирные масла. Маску держите не более 5-6 минут, затем смывайте струей теплой воды.

If you have a dry type of hair, do not squeeze or rub your hair with a towel after washing. It is recommended to use terry or bamboo towels: they absorb more moisture than cotton and synthetic towels. Gently pat the strands and comb the wooden comb. No metal and plastic combs and brushes! From drying by a hair dryer it is also desirable to refuse.

Dried hair moistened with indelible means. They have a slight degree of fixation and have a thermal protection effect. Beneficial to the dyed hair are indelible oils: they give brightness and radiance to the chosen shade. Do not overdo it, you need to apply only a few drops on the palm of your hand and evenly distribute the composition over the hair. Gels and varnishes, replace with mousse and foam. Tongs and ironing will have to be temporarily put aside until better times.

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