What to do if the hair grows slowly

What to do if the hair grows slowly
Many women dream of growing a smart head of hair, but not always they succeed. Of course, one of the main negative factors is ecology. That's why you need to maintain your hair using a variety of healing masks.

Did you notice that your hair does not grow? Pay attention to the procedures that you use in relation to the head of hearing. Suppose, if you regularly dye your hair, stop doing it. Chemicals make the curls thin, dull and brittle. The same can be said about ironing, hair dryers and hair curlers.

Begin to use medical home masks. To accelerate hair growth, you can use mustard. 2 tablespoons mustard powder combine with the same amount of hot water, add a little burdock oil, 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar and 1 egg yolk. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, then apply the mask on the scalp. Note that this tool is not recommended to apply to the tips of hair. Wrap the curls in plastic wrap and warm handkerchief. Wash off the mask after 40 minutes.

Also, you can treat the hair with pepper tincture, which you can buy at the pharmacy. Strike her in the roots of her hair, then wrap her head in 30 minutes. If you feel a burning sensation, immediately wash the tincture from the scalp.

If you want your hair to grow faster, revise your diet. The hair shaft mainly consists of keratin, that is, protein. Therefore, you need to consume more protein foods, for example, fish, eggs, nuts. The lack of iron in the body also leads to a slowing of hair growth. Enrich your diet with legumes, lean meats.

Hair began to grow slowly? Be sure to check for the presence of a fungal infection, as this can cause loss, brittle and dull hair. Perhaps the problems with the hair are associated with hormonal changes in the body or imbalance. Therefore, visit the doctor.

Start taking vitamins for the hair, for example, Panto-vigil. Note that this drug should be taken at least 2 months. During pregnancy and while breastfeeding from taking this medication should be discarded.

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