What to bring to the bath

What to bring to the bath
People who often visit the sauna know what to take with them to this useful and pleasant place. But beginners usually gain a bunch of absolutely unnecessary things, from which there is no sense in the bath.

Bathroom accessories for bath

The immediate task of the bath is cleaning and relaxation of the body, so first of all you will need the means for washing your hair and skin. It is advisable to apply soap and shampoo for this purpose, which contain a minimum amount of fragrances and chemical components.

The steamed pores open and absorb everything that you pour on the body in the bath, so give preference to natural cosmetics to take care of themselves.

You will also need a brush with a long handle and a medium-hard wool that does not hurt, but cleans the steamed skin from dead cells and dirt. With the help of a brush and a high-quality washcloth, you massages the body and activates blood circulation in the skin capillaries, exfoliating a large amount of dead skin. In addition, do not forget to bring personal hygiene products, a few towels and replaceable underwear to the bath. One towel will come in handy to you in the shower, and the second you will spread on a shelf in the steam room to wipe out constantly allocated sweat.

Things to visit the bathhouse

Обязательно положите в сумку вьетнамки или резиновые тапочки, поскольку шансы на заражение грибком в бане достаточно велики. Мужчинам понадобится мужской халат, надеваемый после выхода из парной, а девушкам – чистая простыня. В самой бане желательно париться нагишом. Также непременно возьмите с собой банную шапочку из сукна, войлока или натуральной ткани, которая убережет вашу голову от теплового удара, а волосы – от высокой температуры в парной.

Without a cap in the steam room it is difficult to steam, because the head feels burning, the ears are burning, and the person simply overheats.

In a bath you need to drink a lot of liquid, since with the body then loses a lot of water – from 0,5 to 1,5 liters. To make up for the balance, take with you green or herbal tea, kvass, juice, mors or another cold non-alcoholic drink, in no case be beer or vodka, which often take with them to the bath lads.

To make the procedure even more pleasant and useful, you can add a few essential oils or herbal infusions to the water to water the stones, which will make the steam fragrant and will saturate your respiratory tract with useful substances. So, for a bath coniferous, eucalyptus, mint, lemon and myrtle oils ideally which need to be added in water are ideally suited – enough 3-5 drops.

And, finally, do not forget the main attribute of the bath – birch broom, which will help deepen steaming the body and make an excellent healing massage from head to toe. Take some brooms with you – do not go wrong.

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