What should be the makeup of a woman after 45

What should be the makeup of a woman after 45
The makeup of a woman after 45 years requires carefulness in applying and delicacy of the palette. Give up aggressive colors, big sparkles and other signs of youth fashion. Your choice – delicate textures, products with a good covering ability, as well as shades that can advantageously emphasize the dignity of your appearance.

You will need
  • – liquid foundation;
  • – loose powder;
  • – cream blush;
  • – eye shadow and eyebrows;
  • – mascara;
  • – Lipstick.
To make up the face rejuvenated, do not impose it too thick. Give preference to light textures. Instead of dense creams, use modern tonal bases with the addition of retro-reflective particles and polymers. Such funds will hide wrinkles and stains, giving the skin a light shine, while removing excess sebum.

Instead of compact powders, use loose ones, applying them with a large fluffy brush. The color should match the shade of your skin. Some makeup artists suggest using powder on the tone darker – this will give the face freshness. Give up very light, whitening powders and creams, they will make the face expressionless and flat.

The best blush for mature women is cream. They lie as naturally as possible, they are easily shaded, hide fine wrinkles and dry skin. Choose a color depending on the color. Warm golden skin goes coral and peach blush, cold – pink and reddish. Refuse from outrageous lilac or doll-pink shades, they will suit only very young girls.

Bring your eyebrows in order – they will make your makeup complete. Bring them best of all with special shades or wax in a gray-brown or ocher gamma. The shade depends on the color of your hair. Do not make the eyebrows very dark, this will emphasize the age. Tint them, and then powder with a brush – this method will refresh and visually rejuvenate the face.

Делая макияж глаз, откажитесь от многоцветных разводов на веках – это выглядит старомодно. Не стоит использовать яркие и слишком темные оттенки. На подвижное веко наносите кремовые или пудровые тени мшисто-зеленых, серовато-синих, бордовых или серо-коричневых тонов, хорошо растушевывая их кистью. Этим же цветом можно подвести и нижнее веко. Откажитесь от ярких стрелок и подводки внутреннего века – зрелым дамам такие приемы макияжа не идут. Обязательно накрасьте ресницы качественной удлиняющей или объемной тушью.

Remove from the cosmetic bag vinyl and lacquer lip glosses, as well as transparent fruit balms. Your choice – a quality lipstick with a velvet or satin effect. It gives the lips a beautiful shade, hides the small imperfections, is not smeared and does not gather in the folds of the lips. Do not delineate the outline of the mouth with a pencil – apply lipstick with a brush, stick or even a fingertip. Choose colors carefully. Very dark brown, purple and burgundy shades are aging. Give preference to the tones of rosewood, cocoa, tea rose or soft coral – such lipsticks are appropriate in the daytime and in the evening.

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