What should be the daytime makeup

What should be the daytime makeup
At any time of the year, women try to look beautiful and, naturally, resort to the use of a variety of cosmetics. Daily make-up is a kind of art. Of course, you can turn to professionals, but this is primarily costly. Therefore today we will talk about some secrets of daily make-up.

Makeup Basis

Any make-up should begin with a tonal basis. The choice of it must be treated very responsibly, because it depends on its quality, what will be your makeup. When choosing a cream base, pay attention to the consistency of the product – if it is too thick, it will lie unevenly, and if it is very liquid, then it is necessary to apply two layers to achieve the desired effect.

Also important is the type of your skin. If you are a fatty type, then the tonal base should be with a matting effect, if dry – with moisturizing ingredients. Do not ignore it, because the wrong tool will not make your makeup better.

However, in some cases, one can not do without a tonal basis and one has to resort to the use of masking means – various types of powder. The most popular is considered to be compact powder – it is easy to use and well masks defects. Cream powder is perfect for owners of dry skin, but, alas, you can not put it in your purse. Friable powder very well falls on the face, but it is extremely inconvenient to carry around.

Decorative cosmetics for daily make-up

Daytime makeup does not involve the use of bright colors. Eye shadow choose light colors – blue, pale green, light brown.

To extract the outline of the eye, you can use a pencil or a pencil, preferably a pencil – apply a line on the upper eyelid and blend a little. After that, you can apply shadows.

The finishing touch is the application of mascara. Cilia should have a natural, unweighted appearance, so do not overdo it and do not apply mascara too intensively. If we talk about lipstick, it is best to choose a soft, close to natural, shade with flickering particles or lip gloss. By the way, do not neglect the contour pencils – they will protect the lipstick from spreading and make the lips more attractive. You can use as a pencil in the tone of lipstick / shine, and the shade of your skin.

Creating an image is a matter of time, but paying attention to the features of this or that means you can probably create a charming image that attracts attention.

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