What should be a hair machine?

What should be a hair machine?
The hair clipper can be a good purchase for home use. With its help, you can get substantial savings in time and money, as well as the ability to make a haircut or adjust it at any convenient time. You just need to choose the right device, based on your requests.

A large number of baits can be superfluous, since during the cutting they are very inconvenient to change. Much better, when the machine comes with one reconfigurable nozzle, the height of which can be adjusted. For such attachments, the number of possible settings and the convenience of switching are important. Often the set includes a pair of scissors and a comb, but it is better separately quality scissors and a comfortable comb.

The smoothness of the advancement of the device depends on the sharpness of the teeth of the blades, on the density of their contact with each other, and on the speed of the blades. The higher it is, the faster the speed, the less effort and time you will spend on a haircut. The machine should move forward, leaving no uncut seats and skidding in the hair. If you have experience with such devices – look for a model with a high speed of the blade – at least 10 000 rpm. In other cases, pay attention to models with an average speed, with an engine power of 9-12 w. A very low power can lead to hair twitching during hair cutting, the appearance of unshaved areas and slipping in hard hair. In some machines, there may be a turbo function, which gives an increase in power by 20%.

Очень важный показатель – качество стали knives machines for a hairstyle. Blades must be made of high quality stainless steel. Covering with special materials, for example, diamond spraying, will contribute to the durability of the knives.

The actual parameter when choosing this device is the convenience of cleaning. The machine is clogged with hair, and after each hairstyle it should be cleaned. Therefore, it is important that the blades easily detach from the machine, allowing you to clean the inner cavity. To clean some machines you need to unwind the screws, it's completely inconvenient.

If the appliance is too heavy, the hand will tire of keeping it. But too light machine is difficult to hold in the right position, so choose the optimal weight for yourself. It is also important that the device is conveniently placed in the hand, you should be comfortable working with the machine and use buttons and switches.

The level of noise and vibration also matters. Noise during operation should be minimal, and vibration should not interfere with making even movements.

By the ways of charging, the hair clippers are divided into those working only from the network, working on batteries and battery-network machines. The first are reliable, but not very convenient, since the cord will be permanently at hand. The second ones are mobile, but they are limited by time. The latter view is optimally convenient, they can be put on recharging at a convenient time, and in case of need to use power from the network.

The most convenient in storage devices that have stands. It is desirable that it can be placed and accessories that are included in the kit.

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