What shampoos are not worth buying

What shampoos are not worth buying
A bad shampoo can be recognized almost immediately. After him, the hair is not at all the way we would like, they get dirty faster or, on the contrary, become even more dry. To avoid this situation, the choice of shampoo should pay attention.

What shampoos can be harmful to health?

Many shampoos contain harmful ingredients. These include parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and silicones. Parabens are chemicals that manufacturers use as preservatives. Some scientists believe that they are very dangerous and can cause cancer. Mineral oil is not a natural oil, which is obtained by drawing from plants. It is derived from oil. Upon contact with the skin and hair, it forms an invisible film that interferes with the access of oxygen. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is widely used in many detergents, including shampoos. Studies show that they, like other chemicals, have a negative impact on human health. Side effects can be irritation of the scalp, tangled hair and swelling. There are a lot of disputes about silicones. Their opponents believe that they make the hair heavier and not at all useful for the hair.

Do not buy shampoos without reading the ingredients on the package. Otherwise, the result can be very disappointing. Organic cosmetics can be an option. Its composition is completely natural and it is absolutely harmless to health.

Choose a shampoo strictly by the type of hair

It is necessary to avoid "universal", family and shampoo "2 in 1". As a rule, they are not able to improve the condition of hair and are not aimed at solving problems arising from hair. If your hair is okay and you do not need special care, choose shampoos for normal hair type.

Always buy shampoos strictly for their intended purpose. If you have a fat type of hair, shampoo for dry hair will only further exacerbate your problem. If you have dandruff or a strong sensation of the scalp, buy special medical shampoos.

Professional shampoos: benefit or harm?

From just one name – professional shampoo, many immediately get excited. However, professional is not necessarily high-quality. Typically, these shampoos are aimed at cleansing the hair and a quick effect. After all, hairdressers and stylists in the salon are important result at the moment. The formula of professional shampoo is universal and does not aim at a great grooming effect. This explains the absence of plant ingredients, the whole composition is completely chemical.

Not all professional shampoos are those in fact. Many of them are only advertised as a choice of professionals, but in fact it is a trick of the manufacturer. In any case, do not look for such shampoos in regular supermarkets.

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