What scents lift the mood, attract love and improve health

What scents lift the mood, attract love and improve health
Aromas bring with them a lot of memories, strengthening in the minds of a person forgotten images and reviving the experiences of emotional moments of love. So what kind of scent to choose for yourself so that it harmoniously blends into life and evokes only positive emotions.

Aromas that bring love

Vanilla aroma will help to save the family and restore harmony in the relationship. You can simply apply a drop of vanilla essential oil a light bulb before you turn it on to defuse the tense atmosphere in the house and build a relationship.

The smell of the hyacinth will help soften the heart and help relieve tension, and will also make you more receptive to sensual pleasures.

Jasmine is used to quickly alleviate mental pain and forget unhappy love.

Grapefruit and tobacco help to get distracted from everyday fuss and treat problems with ease, without taking them too close to the heart.

Icelandic moss is a natural aphrodisiac and helps with impotence, as well as cordamon and cypress oil contribute to the increase of male strength.

The smell of coriander awakens passion in partners and is a strong stimulant.

Harmony contributes to the revival and strengthening of the senses. It is recommended to use this essential oil in those moments when partners begin to feel alienated to each other.

Rosemary oil helps to bring the husband back to the family, if suddenly you feel that another woman has appeared in his life. This essential oil can cool hotheads and makes you think wisely.

Rose oil softens the heart, inspires calmness and patience.

Mint and sandalwood oils can restrain sensual impulses. Balance the emotions of strongly amorous spouses.

Aromas for health

With a cold, oils, sage, cinnamon, nutmeg and geranium help. Inhale these scents before leaving the room.

With a bad mood will help cope with citrus flavors. They effectively fight depression and give vitality.

The oils of sandalwood, tea tree, ginger, pine, cloves and sage have an anti-inflammatory effect.

With a cold, you can inhale the aromas of lemon, thyme, eucalyptus, myrtle, incense, anise and cypress. These essential oils facilitate the course of the disease.

With pain in the stomach and intestines will help the oils of verbena, anise, fennel, rose and pine.

Oils of mint, sage and lemon are saved from heartburn.

With irritability and insomnia, oils of jasmine, oregano, vanilla, mandarin, sandalwood and myrrh will help.

With inflammation of the gums and toothache you need to breathe in the scents of pine, cedar, cloves, nutmeg and juniper.

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