What peeling is better

What peeling is better
One of the fashion procedures for facial care today is peeling. He cleanses the skin, and promotes its faster rejuvenation, and gives a feeling of freshness. Moreover, today there are no restrictions in the choice of peeling. Chemical, mechanical, acidic – far from complete list of procedures that are carried out in beauty salons. However, it is at this moment – the moment of choosing the method of skin cleaning – that the woman has the most questions. The most frequent of them is which peeling is better. Carry out skin cleansing on a regular basis. And the older the woman, the more attention she must pay to this issue. After all, if the skin cells are not cleansed in time, the entire skin will lose its elasticity, color and healthy appearance. The only thing – you need to choose the right way, how to do it, and then the youth and beauty of the skin can be kept for a long time.

What peelings are

Peelings are divided into several different groups:
– mechanical;
– physical;
– chemical.

Также их часто распределяют и по глубине очистки на:
– deep;
– the average;
– superficial.

The choice of the type of peeling directly depends on the skin condition of the face. So, for example, for a problem skin with scars and already appeared wrinkles it is necessary to choose a mechanical variant. Since in this case it is especially necessary to carry out the procedure under pressure and using special scrubbing agents.

Давление, с которым специалист будет наносить и растирать по коже микрочастицы скраба, зависит от того, какого эффекта нужно достичь, и как кожа реагирует на процедуру.

Physical peeling, performed with dry ice or liquid nitrogen, improves microcirculation and improves the production of collagen. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, tender and radiant. This option is great for owners of dry skin, in which collagen is just a problem.

Однако самым популярным сегодня пилингом считается химический. Связано это с тем, что он не имеет ни возрастных ограничений, ни запретов по типу кожи. Криотерапию проводят при помощи жидкого азота. За счет воздействия холодом на кожу ускоряются все обменные процессы, и восстановление идет глубже и лучше.

Another popular option for peeling is laser skin resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing

Laser peeling is considered a method safer than chemical peeling. Yes, and the recovery period of the skin is faster. The laser was started in an attempt to find the best way to update the skin cells.

Laser peeling, according to experts, allows you to fight even with sufficiently deep wrinkles, allowing the skin to become young and well-groomed. After the procedure, the skin will be reddish within a few days. But there is nothing to worry about, it's quite normal and natural. Light rosy may last for several months.

In addition, after laser peeling, the skin becomes rough. This is also normal and takes place within two weeks, if a deep cleaning system was applied, and for several days if the procedure was superficial.

With laser peeling, burns and scars are excluded, which can not be said about chemical peeling.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a procedure that involves applying a special preparation (acid) to the skin of the face. By completely cleansing the skin, this technology is often called refreshing or refreshing.

Chemical peeling is often used to get rid of skin peeling. Sometimes it even helps to eliminate pigmentation spots. The advantage of this procedure is its complete painlessness, in contrast to the laser, which is performed with the use of painkillers.

При глубоком способе очистки кожа может на время приобрести коричневый оттенок, который пройдет примерно в течение недели. Легкие варианты химических пилингов таких проблем не дают. Однако и о долгосрочном эффекте говорить не приходится. При поверхностном способе очистки кожи химическим пилингом кожа просто немного очищается и выравнивается по цвету.

К рискам химического пилинга относят возможность появления рубцов и шрамов на лице, избавиться от которых будет проблематично.

Make the first time better professional peeling – in the salon. And if you want to use chemical or laser, you need to keep going to the salon. In case you decide to do a thorough skin cleansing at home on your own, do not try to choose controversial and questionable methods. It is better to buy a special tool for scrubbing and gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin.

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