What oil helps against cellulite?

What oil helps against cellulite?
It is difficult to get rid of cellulite in any single way. He does not disappear from a diet, does not disappear from physical exercises. Orange peel does not decrease from anti-cellulite cream. But if you use a set of measures, you can cope with cellulite. Not the last place in this complex is occupied by oils. Baths, massage, scrubs, wraps, creams, diets, exercise and essential oil are the ingredients of an integrated approach to fighting cellulite.

Essential oils help to dissolve the orange peel, improving blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, removing toxins and excess fluid. The most important thing is that essential oil needs only a few drops, and the effect of it is very palpable. It takes only time, patience, faith in the victory and a great desire to get rid of cellulite forever.

What oils fight cellulite?

Of all the variety of essential oils for fighting cellulite, the most suitable are the following: ginger, tea tree, cedar, cypress. These oils improve the venous circulation.

The second group intensifies the outflow of the lymphatic fluid. This oil is rosemary, Himalayan cedar, sandalwood and chamomile.

The next group has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect: grapefruit oil, juniper, fennel and bergamot.

And finally, lipolytic effects (fat release) have lemon, mint, sweet orange, geranium, cypress and sage oils.

How to choose

The main task is to correctly choose and competently combine, in order to achieve the greatest effect. You need to choose not just those that like the smell (although this is not unimportant), but to which there are no contraindications for health reasons – for this it is worth consulting with a doctor. When buying oil, you need to pay attention to the following detail. If on a sheet of paper, on which the essential oil has drunk, there is a fat trace left after drying, it is not a pure ether, but a fake diluted with some vegetable oil to increase the volume. Such oils are less effective and can even be dangerous.

What can I do with essential oils against cellulite?

Massage – a few drops of oil is added to the massage anti-cellulite cream or diluted with a base (the base oil, which is best used olive).

Baths – a few drops of essential oil are also added to the anti-cellulite soda-salt or herbal bath. Do not forget to mix the oil with a little milk or honey before adding it to the water. Otherwise, it will not dissolve in water, but will float on the surface with fat globules, not damaging cellulite, but only exuding fragrance.

Wraps – they are made from clay, honey, algae, coffee, chocolate, cream for wraps. In all these products is very good to add essential oil.

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