What not to eat to lose weight

What not to eat to lose weight
An ideal figure, a beautiful tight belly, a thin waist for many remains a pipe dream. However, do not despair. Revise your diet and soon you will notice significant changes for the better.

В первую очередь откажитесь от белого хлеба, сдобных булочек, кондитерских изделий. Считается, что это враги №1 для стройной фигуры. Поэтому обходите стороной конфеты, пирожные, булочки и прочие подобные лакомства.

Sweets can be replaced with dried fruit, a small amount of natural chocolate or honey. And instead of baking, eat a small piece of black or otrubnogo bread, or special diet bread.

Packaged juices, carbonated drinks such as "Coca-Cola" leave on the store shelves. And quench your thirst with low-fat kefir, mineral water, green tea or freshly squeezed juice without sugar. They will benefit your body.

Also it is necessary to protect yourself from alcoholic beverages, especially beer. "Beer" tummy is unlikely to decorate your figure. In addition, ethyl alcohol, contained in virtually all alcoholic beverages, adversely affects the skin condition.

Give up fatty, smoked, salty and spicy food. Do not eat anything fried or stewed. Fatty meat is a heavy food that your stomach can not quickly digest.

Sharp and salty snacks, dishes with a huge number of all kinds of spices, only more will whet your appetite. Therefore, more often lean on fresh vegetables and steamed dishes.

Всевозможные каши – продукт весьма калорийный. Неспроста ими кормят детей и рекомендуют людям для восстановления сил после тяжелых болезней. Исключение составляют каши из гречки и овсянки.

Harmful to the figure and, at first sight seemingly harmless, chewing gum, even that without sugar. After it there is an uncontrollable desire to eat something and more. Moreover, chewing gum after eating can cause great harm to the stomach.

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