What natural juices help to lose weight

What natural juices help to lose weight
Juices with great success are used in dietary nutrition. This delicious technique allows not only to improve the body, but also to get rid of several kilograms of excess weight.

Benefits of juices
Freshly prepared vegetable and fruit juices are rich in vitamins, enzymes and other useful elements. They are well absorbed by the body, clearing it of toxins and toxins. The most effective beverages for weight loss are: melon juice, which helps purify the gastrointestinal tract, watermelon juice, which removes swelling and removes excess fluid from the body, grape juice that lowers cholesterol, grapefruit juice, which helps burn fat, peach juice that prevents constipation, currant juice, which increases immunity, apple juice, which activates the intestine, celery juice, which removes excess fluid from the body, beet juice, cleanses the walls of blood vessels, cabbage juice, metabolism and tomato juice, reduces appetite.

Preparing for weight loss on juices
Before you sit down on the juice diet, be sure to prepare for it. For several days, eat as many times as you are used to, but the amount of servings should be reduced. Exclude from the diet fried, spicy dishes, smoked products, muffins and cakes. Eat as many vegetable salads and fruits as possible. In addition, drink at least 1,5-2 liters of mineral still water a day.

How to drink juice for weight loss
The duration of the juice diet is 1-3 days, but no more. During this period you need to drink only juices diluted with water. On 1 day, enough 600 milliliters of juice and 200 milliliters of water. This amount is divided into 4 portions and drink during the day. Do not be afraid to experiment by mixing different juices with each other. To get rid of extra pounds, you must use any natural freshly prepared juices that will provide the body with useful elements. Refuse the purchased juice. They, as a rule, contain concentrates, dyes, flavors and other harmful substances. Come out of the diet very carefully, not immediately leaning on high-calorie food.

Contraindications to the use of juices
Weight loss on juices has a number of individual contraindications, since each of them provides a certain effect. That is why, to choose fruits and vegetables for cooking a diet drink, it is important to choose very carefully, taking into account the characteristics of your own organism. Before you start drinking juices, be sure to consult with a specialist.

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