What means for losing weight are used in sports medicine

What means for losing weight are used in sports medicine
Most athletes, fitness trainers and gymnasts look sexy, can boast a sports body with bump muscles, ideal weight. But not all of them are naturally distinguished by good metabolism, sometimes they tend to recruit extra pounds. How can coaches and employees of fitness clubs manage to look fit, to have an excellent figure? To help professionals come funds for weight loss from the arsenal of sports medicine. Have you ever heard of proteins, appetite blockers and fat burners? And in vain – the drugs are highly effective in combating excess body weight, allow you to achieve results in just a few weeks.

If you have excess weight and 2-3 months before your vacation or an important event, it's time to start using some of the slimming drugs known to athletes. If you just need to get rid of 2-3 kg, enough for one month. The main thing is to comply with all the requirements for taking pills, preparations, to practice and adhere to the principles of healthy eating. So, consider the top 10 means for weight loss from the arsenal of sports medicine:

Fat burner L-carnitine

L-carnitine (or carnitine) – the most popular American dieticians and trainers fat burner. The composition of the drug includes an amino acid, responsible for lipolysis of fats. It improves the work of the heart, "pulling" energy from the split fats. There are practically no contraindications to admission, but the result will appear only with strong physical exertion, intensive exercise. One capsule (or ampoule) doctors are recommended to divide into three doses, which allows you to save considerably.

Fat burners in the form of creams

Such external agents effectively break down fat deposits on the abdomen, hips, sides, penetrating the skin through the pores. In sports creams with the inscription "transdermal" contain higher doses of active substances that clean not only the fat layer, but also stretch marks, the "orange peel". The most popular is the Spanish cream brand Sculpt. For women, the Celluless line was developed, for men – Absteel.

Fat Burning Tablets

Athletes take two types of tablets: thermogenics and lipotropics. The first actively releases fatty acids, which leads to an influx of strength, relieving the load from the liver. The second increase the expenditure of calories due to a slight rise in body temperature at 1-2 degrees. One of the conditions for taking such supplements is a combination with intense physical exertion. It is necessary to consult a doctor before use.

Fat Burning Tablets

Blockers of carbohydrates

The principle of the drugs is the blocking of enzymes that break down carbohydrate compounds. As a result, carbohydrates do not settle on the hips, buttocks, abdomen, are intensively removed from the body. Usually, blockers are taken in conjunction with fat-burning tablets or carnitine according to the doctor's indications. The most famous brands are Carb Block, Thermoloid.

Calorie blockers (appetite suppressants)

In the medical language, such drugs are called anorectics or anorexigens. These drugs, originally developed for sports medicine, are now widely used among slimming women. A group of dietary supplements can reduce, control the appetite, helps to eat less by influencing the saturation center in the brain. The most effective and safe are Sibutramine, Fluoxetine.

Ordinary drinking water

Water not only helps to lose weight and remove toxins from the body. It normalizes metabolic processes, allows to "deceive" an empty stomach. Athletes note that a day should drink about three liters of pure still water. Exact calculation is possible by the formula: weight divided by 20. Before each snack, eating and after training, you should drink a glass of water. However, immediately after eating, it is forbidden to drink it. Only such a rule will be beneficial when losing weight.

Combating edema by the "Soviet" method

A great way to reduce weight is to remove excess fluid from the body. If the rules are followed, body volumes will decrease, bags under the eyes, swelling of the legs, face will disappear. The method can be used even during pregnancy. So, its essence. Pour a liter jar of clean drinking water, put in the evening two hours before sleeping it next to the sofa, an armchair. During this time, drink all one sip. The effect of the "medical dropper" will make the kidneys and liver work better. Less method – you have to run to the toilet several times a night. Plus, if you drink one liter, you get two. For one night you can lose weight on 1,5-2 kg, get rid of edema, puffiness. The duration of the cleansing is 2-4 days, then the result will be clearly visible.

Water after exercise

Pledge of weight loss – fractional food

Athletes, gymnasts and trainers try not to starve, even when you want to lose 2-3 kg of excess weight. They use the principles of fractional nutrition in the diet. The ideal option – to eat food 5-6 once a day little by little, following the recommendations of nutritionists. At average physical loads, the daily calorie content of food should not exceed 1400-1500 calories.

Pure Protein

Doctors often advise them when losing weight to replace one of the appropriate meals 35-40 grams of protein or isolate. Protein is a pure protein, extracted from useful foods (meat, eggs, soybeans). In the isolate, the carbohydrate content is zero. Tasteless powder diluted with water, drunk after training, intensive loads. Minus – a tasteless drink, plus – a protein cocktail completely saturates the body.

Complex (combined) protein

Complex protein is another invention for athletes from the achievements of medicine. It contains casein (very slowly absorbed by the body), whey (gives a sense of satiety) and regular protein (most often curd protein). After taking the cocktail, you will not be hungry for seven hours. The effect of such a complex protein largely exceeds the results from the intake of fat burners and the blockers of calories.

Food substitutes

These drugs contain in the required proportions carbohydrates, vitamin complexes, protein compounds, other auxiliary substances. They can replace one meal. Plus, you can use substitutes during intensive training, on business trips and long trips. They are almost completely absorbed, do not give a strong load on the gastrointestinal tract.

When using any tool from the development of sports medicine, it is worth remembering that only weight loss per 1-2 kg per month is considered safe. Such an approach will allow to consolidate the result, will not allow superfluous kilograms to return. Another rule for using fat burners and creams is regular exercise, physical exercises.

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