What masks for the face of aloe can be made

What masks for the face of aloe can be made
Facial care is especially important in the autumn and winter seasons, because sensitive skin needs double make-up of vitamins. Therefore, it is better to prepare nutritional mixtures on your own – facial masks from aloe have proved to be one of the best means to protect from the approaching colds, restore damaged parts of the epidermis and saturate tired cells with oxygen.

Many shop-top creams do not cope with their task, and sometimes cause allergic reactions: with a wrong selected product, there are red, inflamed spots, blackheads or black spots, everything itches and flakes, causing discomfort and pain. It is dangerous to experiment, because you can provoke skin dermatitis, and dreams of silky, tender skin will go to the past. Having crossed the thirty-year boundary, many girls cherish the hope that the miraculous properties of the creams will help to hold off youth and retain elasticity and radiance for many years. Do not forget that there are no miracles, and the result has long to be achieved.

How to determine skin type

Before you begin to care for the face, you need to know what type of skin your skin belongs to. Look carefully in the mirror:

  • Normal type: the skin is visually smooth, smooth to the touch. There are no pimples, black dots, there are practically no mimic wrinkles;
  • Dry type: thin, white, like wax, with a pinkish tinge. It often flakes, reacts to wind and aromatic soap, is prone to frequent allergic rashes. If you do not use any cosmetics, wrinkles will appear very early;
  • Bold type: grayish shade, deep, protruding pores, oily shine;
  • Combined type: fatty areas on the forehead, nose, chin and at the same time dryness on the cheekbones or around the eyes. It occurs most often.

Determine the type is simple enough: put the napkin on the face area, wait 15 minutes. If the napkin is completely dry – your type is dry, if there are fatty traces, then fatty. If the stains are combined with dry areas – a combined type. You can find out the details from a cosmetologist – a specialist will examine the damaged cells of the epidermis with a special dermatoscope.

How to take care of your skin at home

If you decide not to buy a cream in the store, there is a worthy alternative – home masks, which are very popular not for nothing. Vitamin mixtures, prepared with their own hands, do not contain chemical additives and are completely natural. The only negative – the cream is not subject to long storage, and to see the desired effect, it will take a lot of time. But nothing is given for nothing, and aloe masks are ideal for any type of skin.

The branchy aloe plant contains essential oils, amino acids, vitamin E, B, C, pectin, emodin, tannins, beta carotene (the main component of all anti-aging creams), cellulose, allantoin, as well as healing, anti-inflammatory, bio-stimulating , antimicrobial action. Aloe juice can pull up wilting areas, smooth out fine wrinkles, tighten sore scratches, remove acne and soak up dry areas with moisture. For the greasy type, the opposite effect works, aloe is gently drying all the shiny places. Painful gray will be replaced by a healthy blush, the skin will become velvety, with a matte, peach-like tint.

Masks based on aloe are contraindicated because of individual intolerance or allergic reactions to the plant. Apply 2-3 drops of juice to the elbow bend and wait 10 minutes. Do not use remedy for redness or inflammation of the areas. Do not recommend using recipes from the stoleta during pregnancy and on critical days.

Mask with aloe in the home

Base for masks with a century-old – a gel from the therapeutic pulp. Cut off the 2-3 stalk of the plant, rinse under running water, make longitudinal incisions and place in a glass to ripen all the juice. After 20 minutes, remove the stems and collect the pulp from the cut with a spoon, transfer it into the glass container. The gel is taken to the refrigerator, added to the nutritional formula as needed. The storage limit of the finished gel is 4 days. Juice can be used for lotions, masks.

Juice plants mix 1 to 1 with thick cream, put on face, stand 10 minutes, rinse.

1 tbsp. juice of an agave blend with 2 st. l. buckwheat honey, apply on plots, keep 15 minutes.

To 1 st.l. pulp of aloe add fresh strawberries -1 pcs, a teaspoon of grape oil, two shredded kiwi slices and a tablespoon of sour cream. Thoroughly mix the mixture, distribute it on the cheeks, chin, forehead, gently bypassing the eye area. After 25 minutes, rinse with warm water.

For elasticity, pulling up loose fabrics. Whisk one egg of chicken, mix with 2 st.l. pulp of a century-old, a teaspoon of oatmeal, lemon juice – 10 drops, sour cream – 1 tbsp. Wash off the mask after 15 minutes, moisten with baby balm.

Boil the water, cool, dilute the juice of the plant. Fill the ice molds, send to the freezer for 24 hours. Wipe your face in the morning with massage movements. If the water for ice wiping is not boiled, the cubes will turn dull.

Mix 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese with one tablespoon. buckwheat honey and 2 st.l. juice of aloe. Suitable for women in their ages. Maintain a mixture of 15-20 minutes.

Stem plants wrap in foil, put in the refrigerator. After two weeks, take out the stems, squeeze out the juice and mix with the grated chicken yolk. The mask has an excellent anti-aging effect.

Mix one teaspoon of aloe juice with a tablespoon of fatty purchase cream and wheat germ oil (1 tbsp), distribute the mixture on your face, remove with a cotton swab in 20 minutes. The second stage: whisk the 1 chicken egg with a mixer until the foam, add salt, apply again on the face. Remove the mask after 15 minutes.

Juice can be mixed with olive or vegetable oil. If desired, you can buy peach, pumpkin, almond in the pharmacy. Suitable homemade – melt in a water bath a tablespoon of butter. Two tablespoons are mixed with 1 tbsp. any oil and apply for 30 minutes.

Grind 2-3 plant stem, add a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of alcohol, therapeutic powdered clay – 1 package and 2 st.l. grape oil. Thoroughly mix the mass, distribute on the face.

Masks for the face of aloe should be done no more than twice a week.

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