What masks can be done for rapid hair growth

What masks can be done for rapid hair growth
Long silky hair is the result of everyday care for them. Unfortunately, the natural way of hearing the hair will grow very long, therefore to accelerate its growth use stimulating masks, which can be shop-made or self-cooked. Accelerating hair growth mask, as a rule, contains components that have a warming effect (for example, onions, mustard, bitter pepper and others). Such cosmetic mixtures improve the flow of blood to the hair follicles, as a result of which the hairs receive the necessary components and begin to grow faster.

Pepper-honey mixture for hair growth

In the composition of this stimulant there are such components:
– 3,5-4 st.l. honey;
– 1-1,5 st.l. ground red pepper.

Мед смешивают с острым перцем, после чего гремучую массу чуть подогревают на водяной бане. Кашицу наносят на прикорневую систему (волосы должны быть влажными и чистыми), укутывают голову пищевой пленкой и покрывают сверху полотенцем. Спустя 27-30 минут гремучую маску смывают водой комфортной температуры. Если вдруг после нанесения смеси возникло сильное жжение, маску нужно тут же смыть. Делать такую процедуру рекомендуют дважды в неделю: за 1,5-2 месяца волосы могут вырасти на 6-7 см.

Mustard mask for hair growth

The recipe for this cosmetic is:
– 2-2,5 st.l. mustard powder;
– 2 tsp Sahara;
– 2 st.l. water;
– 1,5 st.l. vegetable oil.

Mix the mustard powder with sugar and vegetable oil, and lastly add hot water. The stimulating mask is applied to the scalp (this mixture dries too much hair, so a bit of preheated vegetable oil should be applied to the hair under the root system).

The head is covered with a plastic bag and warmed with a towel. The stimulating mixture is kept from 20 to 40 minutes, then rinse with clean water and wash the head with warm water and shampoo. Such a procedure should be done once a week, but for a fat head type fatty mask should be done every 5 days, and for dry hair – every ten days. For a month the head of hair grows on 3-4 cm.

Onions and honey mixture, stimulating hair growth

Prepare a growth-enhancing head of hair mask of such ingredients:
– onions (medium size);
– натурального меда.

Shredded onion mixed with honey (ratio 4: 1). Apply the onion mixture to the scalp and put on the woolen cap. This mixture is kept for 43-45 minutes, then the hair is rinsed with comfortable temperature water (shampoo should not be used at the same time). And to eliminate the unpleasant onion aroma, it is recommended to add a couple drops of lemon essential oil into the water when rinsing the hair.

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