What makeup will be relevant this fall

What makeup will be relevant this fall
Many women use make-up to make their features more expressive and attractive. Despite the existence of certain rules for the application of mascara, shadows and other decorative means, with each season there are some changes in this direction of cosmetology.

In autumn 2012, the fashion offers contrasting colors in makeup. Leading makeup artists are encouraged not to be afraid to experiment with lip gloss, shades of shadows, eyeliner. In the border of one image, a bold combination of up to three different colors is welcomed. Thus, the shadows can have one color, the lips – the other, and the eyeliner – the third. The make-up of this season is characterized by brightness shades, as the autumn season itself with its yellow, red, orange, bronze colors.

Blondes can use bright shades of pink shadows, complemented by active liner, in harmony with the color of the eyes. Sunny blondes are most suitable for lilac and violet.

For brunettes, this season's fashion recommends using a red lip gloss or a bright red lipstick. Nails do not need to be painted in the same shade and it is not necessary to select accessories of a related color. Do not think about the combination of colors, and your image will be very relevant.

Red-haired fashionable women will like blue shades of all shades – from the color of the sea wave to the sky-blue. Lipstick should also be bright – carrot or pink.

Despite the similar democracy in the rules of this season, it is necessary to adhere to the main thing: the used make-up colors should be clean. Do not mix them to not get dirty and blurry shades.

Actual for all remains color ink. It can be chosen to match the color of the eyes or experiment with contrasting combinations. Brown-eyed women are suitable for blue mascara, blue-eyed – orange, green-eyed – red. When using such a carcass eye shadow, choose a more restful shade.

В целом, чем ярче и привлекательнее будет созданный вами образ, тем наиболее удачно вы впишетесь в контекст осенней моды сезона 2012.

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