What makeup to do at the prom

What makeup to do at the prom
The graduation party is the first official exit, which implies a luxurious outfit and appropriate make-up. It is important to keep balance and not add yourself years of improperly selected makeup. A fresh, radiant, well-groomed face with bright eyes and tender lips is an ideal to which one should strive.

The choice of makeup depends on the dress, hairstyle and other features of your image. If you wear a luxurious outfit with sparkles, choose a natural make-up that enhances the natural colors of your face and adds to it the brightness. An elegant dress in neutral tones requires a classic – accented eyelashes, bright lips and flawless skin. If your outfit is designed in avant-garde style, bet on the color, picking up the original shades of cosmetics for the eyes, cheeks and lips.

The basis of the make-up is the properly selected base. Under the foundation, it is better to apply a fixing base. It will brighten the skin, make it smoother and help makeup last the whole evening without correction. For light skin, a lavender or pinkish base is suitable, for a swarthy choose a golden one. Apply a foundation to the cleansed skin and let it soak.

The next stage is tonal remedy. For graduation choose a translucent fluid or matting mousse with an airy texture. These funds easily lie down and do not create the effect of a mask. Powder face with a translucent powder with reflective particles – it is good for both daylight and artificial lighting.

Try to create the effect of a natural, flawlessly well-groomed face. Cheeks emphasize light pink blush with golden sparkles. Apply blush on the convex parts of the cheeks, carefully shading them to the temples. A small amount of blush can be applied to the forehead and chin, it will refresh the face.

On the lips, apply lipstick-balm strawberry, pink-beige or pink-coral color. It will refresh the natural shade of the lips, without hiding the texture of the skin. This lipstick can be applied in several layers, the coating will still be light.

To natural make-up, shadows in a neutral range will do. Choose color, depending on the eye color. Consider the color of the outfit. Shadows should not repeat it, but disharmonizing colors will also be inappropriate. For clothes in a cold blue or blue range, select silvery-gray shades and podvodki, red and orange dresses will fit a golden-brown scale, to pink and lilac – lavender.

Put powder or cream shadows on the mobile eyelid and blend them in the direction of the eyebrows. In shadows of a darker shade, gently circle your eyes, connecting lines in the corners – this will visually make the eyes larger and strengthen their brightness. Paint eyelashes with lengthening or voluminous ink of velvet-black color. To such make-up the manicure in natural tones and spirits with a gentle flower aroma will approach.

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