What makeup suits brown-haired women with long hair

What makeup suits brown-haired women with long hair
When choosing cosmetics for daily or festive make-up, each woman should take into account not only the skin tone, age or eye color, but also her hair color. After all, what suits the brown-haired, does not fit, for example, blondes. Hair length and hairstyle also make a difference when choosing makeup.

Daytime make-up of long-haired brown-haired women does not provide bright colors, it can be almost invisible. If desired, you can use pastel shades or eyeliner. And if you have brown eyes, then apply some special means for their isolation is not necessary, since a liquid supply or a bright pencil can make the image vulgar, leave these cosmetics for evening make-up. In the afternoon, it is only left to use mascara and lip gloss of a natural shade.

As for the evening make-up, the eye color plays an important role in the choice of decorative cosmetics. If you have brown eyes, then use for makeup shadows of gray, dark blue or dark green hue, the shadows of pastel colors do not fit.

In order to effectively emphasize the brown eyes, choose shadows with a deep color, you can with a metallic tint. For evening make-up, golden or brown shades are also perfect. Such a selection of colors for the makeup of the eye will give the look of sexuality and even some mystery. To complete the image, use eyeliner and mascara.

If you have gray or green eyes, then for make-up you should use a tonal base, the tone of which is as close as possible to the shade of your skin, as well as beige or golden shadows, mascara with the effect of lengthening. As for lipstick, it is better to choose warm shades.

Do not use pink or brown shadows in makeup, they will give the person a painful and tired look. In the event that you have gray eyes and a long-haired brown-haired woman, then when choosing shadows you can be guided by the color of clothes. For make-up, muted violet, lilac, blue or green shades and beige lipstick are perfect for you.

If you have blue eyes and light skin, then not with daytime make-up use eyeliner, as well as golden or silvery shadows. Such decorative cosmetics will be appropriate for a special occasion, for example, a festive evening. You are well suited shades of green, blue and lilac flowers. If you have dark skin, then you can use bronze or copper shades of shades, as well as lipstick of natural colors.

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